Transmeta, Eltan to Integrate Processors into New Design Solutions

2/19/2004 - Transmeta Corporation (NASDAQ: TMTA), the leader in efficient computing, and Eltan, an advanced engineering services company based in The Netherlands, announced a strategic collaboration to integrate Transmeta's high-performance, energy efficient processors into new solution designs.

This collaboration builds on Transmeta's growing network of strategic alliances with innovative reference design firms that are building new x86-compatible solutions based on Transmeta's Efficeon, Crusoe and Crusoe SE processors for the PC, information appliance and embedded markets. Eltan and Transmeta have already engaged with customers to provide the design and development of innovative hardware and software solutions.

"Our relationship with Eltan expands our reach and value proposition in important markets, resulting in new product designs and enhanced customer support. This collaboration accelerates time-to-market and reduces development costs for embedded and PC system builders seeking to bring the value of efficient computing to their customers," said Dr. Matthew R. Perry, president and CEO of Transmeta Corporation.

"We are very pleased to establish this close design collaboration. Transmeta's processors create exciting opportunities for new designs that enhance the performance, energy-efficiency and affordability of PCs, information appliances, UPCs and embedded systems," said Gerard Duynisveld, president of Eltan. "We have already developed a new design in the Ultra Personal Computer space using the Transmeta Crusoe processor that began shipping late last year. Additionally, Eltan is already working with other customers to bring new and innovative designs to market based on both the Efficeon and Crusoe processor families.

Eltan is a recognized leader in development, engineering and customization services for customer-specific hardware, software and BIOS designs that reduce support costs and add value for suppliers and end-users. The company has extensive experience and a close partnership with Phoenix Technologies, a global leader in core system software and BIOS technology. Phoenix is also a leading technology partner of Transmeta.

"The combination of Transmeta's x86-compatible processors, Phoenix Core System Software and Eltan's embedded design innovations and expertise represents a tremendous value proposition for the marketplace," said Albert E. Sisto, chairman, president and CEO of Phoenix Technologies. "The Transmeta and Eltan partnership builds upon our strong relationship with both companies and aligns with the Phoenix Trusted Partner Network strategy to deliver advanced solutions to customers."

About Eltan
Eltan is an advanced engineering services company specializing in (embedded) PC and Communication Technology, hardware design, BIOS, drivers, operating systems, as well as complete system solutions. Since its inception, Eltan has been an independent engineering company for Phoenix BIOS implementation. Eltan has an impressive list of satisfied customers across Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and the US, and the technical experience and short communication channels to establish long-term relations with satisfied customers. For more information on Eltan, visit

About the Transmeta Efficeon Processor
The Transmeta Efficeon processor is designed to provide power efficiency, design flexibility, performance-on-demand and low cost to meet the need of the next generation of mobile, wireless, and embedded devices. It includes three new high performance bus interfaces: an on-chip HyperTransportTM bus interface for increased input/output efficiency, an on-chip Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory interface for increased throughput, and an on-chip AGP graphics interface for high performance graphics solutions. These new interfaces allow Efficeon to achieve more work per clock, which results in greater energy efficiency and longer battery life for mobile computer users. The Transmeta Efficeon processor's dynamic LongRun® power management features and integrated architecture are designed to give system designers and marketers a wide range of choices in creating products that deliver added value, functionality, security, comfort, reliability, and cost savings to end users.

About Transmeta Corporation
Founded in 1995, Transmeta Corporation designs, develops and sells highly efficient x86-compatible software-based microprocessors that deliver a compelling balance of low power consumption, high performance, low cost and small size. We announced our first Crusoe family of processors in 2000, and we introduced our new Efficeon family of processors in October 2003. Our products are valuable for diverse computing platforms demanding energy efficiency, low heat and x86 software compatibility. We also develop advanced power management technologies for controlling leakage and increasing power efficiency in semiconductor and computing devices.

To learn more about Transmeta, visit

Transmeta, Efficeon, LongRun, LongRun2, Code Morphing and Crusoe are trademarks of Transmeta Corporation.

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