Cirrus Logic Launches Ten New ARM9-Based Embedded Processors

2/18/2004 - Building on its highly integrated ARM9 EP9312 embedded processor, Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS) announced 10 new ARM9-based embedded processors — the EP9301, EP9303, EP9304, EP9305, EP9306, EP9307, EP9309, EP9310, EP9311 and EP9315. These new products are ideal for system designers across a wide range of market applications such as digital media servers, audio/video jukeboxes, telematic control systems, intelligent house controllers, multizoned stereo audio systems, Internet radios, industrial controls, KVM controllers, biometric security systems and GPS devices. With this new family of embedded processor products, Cirrus provides the most comprehensive selection of ARM9-based embedded processors in the industry, with a wide variety of performance options, integrated features and price points.

"With these new product introductions, Cirrus gives designers a broad selection of ARM9-based embedded processors from which they can choose the most optimal performance, integration and price point required by their design," said Jean Anne Booth, director of marketing for Embedded Processor Products, Cirrus Logic. "Cirrus' new embedded processors are provided with WinCE .NET board support packages and Linux kernel ports, and they are backed by the strength of Cirrus' ARM Third Party Program — all of which facilitates a rapid development and time-to-market cycle for our OEM customers."

Cirrus OEM customers can leverage two Cirrus proprietary technologies, the MaverickKey digital rights management tool and MaverickCrunch math coprocessor. MaverickKey technology provides OEMs with the means to assign specific hardware IDs for digital rights-management implementation within the application. MaverickKey technology, which is standard on all Cirrus ARM9-based embedded processors, can also be used by OEMs and design houses to protect against design piracy as products enter into manufacturing. The MaverickCrunch engine is an advanced, mixed-mode math coprocessor that greatly accelerates the single- and double-precision integer and floating-point processing capabilities of the ARM920T processor core. The MaverickCrunch engine is standard on all Cirrus ARM9-based embedded processors except the EP9301.

The EP9301 is available immediately in a 208-pin quad flat package at $8.96 in volumes of 10 thousand. The EP9315 is available immediately in a 352-pin ball grid array package at $24.01. Engineering development kits are also available now for both the EP9301 and EP9315. All other new members of the ARM9-based embedded processor will be offered in a 272-pin thin flat ball grid array (TFBGA) package, and will be sampling to Cirrus customers in the June quarter of calendar year 2004. Pricing for these products ranges from $12 to $17, depending upon the level of integration. The EP9312 is available now for mass production, priced at $21.83 in 10 thousand unit volumes. All products are available in both commercial and industrial temperature grades.

A feature overview of the EP9301 and EP9315 products is offered below:

The EP9315 features CPU speeds of up to 200 MHz, a 100 MHz bus speed and integrates an Ethernet MAC, PCMCIA support, two-channel IDE and three USB 2.0 hosts. The EP9315 also supports an 18-bit display, touchscreen and keypad, and it adds a separate graphics accelerator to speed up basic graphic functions such as block copies. The EP9315 supports multiple audio solutions, up to six channels IēS 24-bit audio, and can encode and decode industry-standard audio algorithms such as AAC, MP3 and Windows Media Audio.

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