AXYS Offers Breakthrough SystemC Simulation with Latest MaxSim Tool

2/18/2004 - AXYS® Design Automation, Inc., the leading provider of electronic system-level simulation and debugging solutions, announced the newest release of its popular MaxSimTM tool for architecture exploration, hardware and software verification, and early embedded software development. Due to its advanced cycle-based support and transaction-level modeling paradigm, MaxSim 5.0 offers significantly higher simulation performance than other commercial or public SystemC 2.0 tools available on the market. System simulations run at up to 5 megacycles per second on popular desktop computers dependent on the number of components and their complexity. MaxSim 5.0 comes with new on-the-fly software profiling and analysis features and offers an extensive library of SystemC 2.0 models.

The high speed of MaxSim 5.0 allows system and hardware architects to pinpoint the optimum architecture quickly and accurately, and deliver very fast virtual prototypes to the software developers and system integrators long before the RTL is finalized or chip samples become available. Full-chip MaxSim virtual prototypes typically simulate seconds of real-time in the order of minutes enabling the software developers to test their code on complete applications with real-life stimuli. Hard-to-find hardware and software bugs are removed early minimizing the chances for costly chip re-spins or product recalls. Using SystemC and MaxSim allows system architects, hardware designers, and software developers to achieve efficient communication with fast turn-around times - significantly increasing productivity and thereby shortening time-to-market for the final product.

"MaxSim 5.0 is the result of close collaboration between AXYS and its leading customers. Once again, the AXYS team has proven the ability to carefully listen and react promptly. MaxSim offers unprecedented SystemC simulation speed, unique on-the-fly hardware and software debugging and profiling capabilities, and the largest library of SystemC models in the industry. The tool is properly positioned to continue the landslide adoption within the rapidly growing electronic system-level community," commented Vojin Zivojnovic, President & CEO of AXYS.

MaxSim supports the full SystemC 2.0 language for unrestricted modeling at different abstraction levels using a variety of user-defined modeling styles, including event-driven, cycle-accurate, and cycle-approximate. Its graphical user interface allows drag-and-drop development of sophisticated system models without the need for C or C++ compilation. New user-defined component models are easily added in a plug-and-play fashion using the built-in SystemC component wizard. Although fully SystemC compliant, MaxSim does not require familiarity with the SystemC language, thereby significantly lowering the barrier to entry for new users of different backgrounds.

Full state visibility of processor, bus, memory and peripheral resources and execution control are provided through MaxSim's debug API. MaxSim supports many popular software debuggers and includes a rich set of built-in debug features. These features include disassembly, registers, and memory views as well as system level debugging features such as transaction animation, monitoring, and breakpoints. The integrated waveform viewer allows tracing of transactions, signals, and registers while the built-in save and restore functionality facilitates efficient OS driver development. Integrated profiling support offers sophisticated bus, cache, and software profiling. All debugging and profiling functions act on-the-fly allowing the user to have continuous visibility while maintaining full control over the simulation process.

MaxSim also offers powerful integration options, both with RTL simulators as well as high level tools, perfectly fitting into any design flow.

As previous MaxSim versions, MaxSim 5.0 is available on Windows 2000/XP, Red Hat Linux and Solaris OS platforms in form of perpetual or subscription licenses.

About AXYS Design Automation, Inc.
AXYS® Design Automation, Inc. is a provider of fast, accurate, and integrated processor and SoC (System-on-Chip) modeling and simulation solutions for the development of high software content SoC devices. The use of AXYS' tools in the pre-silicon phase substantially shortens the SoC design cycle by enabling early system integration and embedded software development, thus reducing NRE cost and time to market. The MaxSimTM Developer Suite enables modeling and verification of multi-core SoC designs. The MaxCore® Developer Suite is a toolset for LISA based processor architecture description and automatic generation of processor models and software development tools. MaxLib® is AXYS' growing library of models for popular SoC components. For more information, visit the AXYS web site at

AXYS, MaxCore and MaxLib are registered trademarks and MaxSim is a trademark of AXYS Design Automation, Inc.

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