PMC-Sierra Unveils System Controller for 64-Bit MIPS Microprocessors

2/17/2004 - PMC-Sierra, Inc. (Nasdaq:PMCS - News) announced a licensing agreement with Integrated Technology Express (ITE) that allows PMC-Sierra to market and sell the ITE IT8172G System Controller under PMC-Sierra's branding. The PMC-Sierra PM8172(TM) System Controller will serve as a companion chip to the RM5231A(TM), RM7035C(TM) and RM7935(TM) 64-bit MIPS-based(TM) microprocessors for advanced consumer applications such as thin-client networking PCs, advanced digital cable/satellite set-top boxes, personal video recorders (PVRs), digital video recorders (DVRs), high-definition televisions (HDTVs), residential entertainment gateways and servers, and automotive telematics.

"PMC-Sierra has been a partner with ITE for several years and has recommended this system controller for developing advanced consumer applications," said Jason Chiang, manager of product marketing, Microprocessor Products Division at PMC-Sierra. "With this license agreement, PMC-Sierra will now be able to offer customers scalable chip set solutions for multiple advanced consumer applications with the added convenience of one vendor. For networking and other applications, PMC-Sierra will continue to support other third-party partner solutions."

Enables System and Processor Scalability
Available in speeds ranging from 250 MHz to 900 MHz, the RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 processors are general-purpose 64-bit MIPS-based microprocessors with a 32-bit SysAD interface that connects to the PM8172 System Controller. These microprocessors are packaged in an innovative packaging technology that allows customers to choose the performance level for their current design and have the ability to seamlessly increase performance for their next-generation designs, which also allows them to preserve their software investment. By pairing PMC-Sierra's high performance, low power microprocessors with the PM8172 System Controller, customers are provided with a robust platform for use in multiple advanced consumer applications.

PM8172 System Controller Features
The PM8172 System Controller has a 32-bit SysAD interface that supports the RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 microprocessors. Other key features of the PM8172 System Controller include:

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Pricing, Availability and Customer Support
The PM8172 System Controller will be sold only as a companion chip to the RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 microprocessors and will be in production under the new PMC-Sierra branding by March 2004. Pricing will be $15 to $60 per 10K chip set units based on selected microprocessor performance level. A complete evaluation platform supporting the RM5231A microprocessor and PM8172 System Controller is available. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact

PMC-Sierra's Comprehensive Family of Scalable 64-bit MIPS-based Microprocessors
The MIPS® architecture has become one of the most widely licensed, open industry standard architectures in the communications networking, printer and advanced electronic consumer markets. PMC-Sierra's MIPS-based microprocessor products are used in a broad range of applications such as enterprise routers and switches, media gateways, storage systems, printers, and advanced electronic consumer products. For more information, visit

About PMC-Sierra
PMC-Sierra(TM) is a leading provider of high speed broadband communications and storage semiconductors and MIPS-based microprocessors for Enterprise, Access, Metro Optical Transport, Storage Area Networking and Wireless network equipment. The company offers worldwide technical and sales support, including a network of offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the PMCS symbol and is included in the S&P 500 Index. For more information, visit

PMC-Sierra, PMC, PMCS, RM5231A, PM8172, RM7035C, RM7935 and "Thinking you can build on" are trademarks of PMC-Sierra, Inc.

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