Celoxica, XJTAG Sign Global Distribution Agreement for XJTAG

2/16/2004 - Celoxica Limited, a system-level electronic design automation (EDA) company, has signed a global distribution agreement with XJTAG Limited, a specialist design and test tool developer and part of the Cambridge Technology Group, to resell its highly acclaimed XJTAG development system.

The powerful and easy-to-use XJTAG Development System, launched in 2003, is designed to cut the cost and shorten the development cycle of electronic products and provides a unique solution that can test JTAG as well as non-JTAG devices.

"This is an important deal for XJTAG as Celoxica's customer base is truly global and includes design and development engineers in major defense and electronics OEMs across the Americas, Europe and Asia," said Simon Payne, chief executive of XJTAG.

"We strive to maintain our reputation as the best design partner to industry leading companies and believe that the XJTAG system complements our own design tools and methodology and will further accelerate design productivity for our customers," commented Phil Bishop, chief executive officer of Celoxica.

The XJTAG Development System provides a fully integrated environment, which can migrate seamlessly through the product life cycle from early design to field support and repair. XJTAG enables circuit designers to shorten the development cycle and prototyping process by facilitating early test development, early design validation of CAD netlists, fast generation of highly functional test and test re-use across circuits that utilize the same devices. XJTAG test scripts are also re-usable and portable across different boards dues to the novel device-centric approach that the designers have adopted.

XJTAG can test a high proportion of a circuit including BGA and chip scale devices, SDRAMs, Ethernet controllers, video interfaces, flash memories, FPGAs, microprocessors and many other devices. XJTAG also enables in-system programming of FPGAs, CPLDs and flash memories.

Celoxica's customers can utilize XJTAG to support their product development activities in conjunction with the DK Design Suite and can also use it to interact with Celoxica's board products such as the RC200 and RC2000 so as to create a comprehensive prototyping and test environment.

"XJTAG is a very powerful and highly intuitive system which we believe will be attractive to any company designing and building circuits, particularly those using BGAs and flip chips," said Graham McKenzie, product marketing manager at Celoxica. "The XJTAG system fits well with our own design tools and complements the other third party solutions we provide."

For more information about the XJTAG Development System, please contact Celoxica, XJTAG Limited or visit www.xjtag.com.

About Celoxica
An innovator in system-level electronic design automation (EDA), Celoxica supplies the design technology, IP and services that define Software-Compiled System Design, a methodology that exploits higher levels of design abstraction to dramatically improve silicon design productivity. Celoxica's products address hardware/software partitioning, co-verification and C-based synthesis to reconfigurable hardware. Established in 1996, Celoxica offers a proven route from complex software algorithms to hardware, and provides an ideal design environment for System FPGA with significant productivity advantages for digital signal processing applications such as imaging, electronic security and communications. For more information, visit: www.celoxica.com.

XJTAG Limited is a specialist design and test tool developer. Its JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) development system offers a competitive solution for designers and developers of electronic circuits. Utilizing XJTAG allows the circuit development and prototyping process to shortened significantly by facilitating early test development, early design validation, fast development of functional tests and test re-use across circuits that utilize the same devices. The company is based in the UK at The Irwin Centre, Dry Drayton, Cambridge.

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