Sun Reduces IT Costs, Increases Network Security with 5 New Solutions

2/12/2004 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) introduced five new Sun(tm) Reference Architectures and Solutions that can speed IT departments' time-to-service and have been shown to improve business performance by as much as 80 percent. Four Sun customers studied by the Giga Information Group realized business gains of up to $7.8 million over a three-year period by deploying a data warehousing Reference Architecture featuring SybaseIQ(tm) highly scalable analytic engine. Today's announcements include reference architectures and solutions for enterprise messaging consolidation, secure network access, spare parts planning, enterprise data warehousing and enterprise messaging for the Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Enterprise Communications at Half the Cost of Microsoft With Outlook Client Interoperability
The Sun Reference Solution for Enterprise Messaging Consolidation improves critical enterprise communications and lowers the cost of ownership by up to half of an equivalent Microsoft Exchange deployment. According to a Radicati Group study, "Messaging Total Cost of Ownership 2003," Sun delivers a two-to-one total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage over Microsoft enterprise communications solutions and is the only vendor to show TCO leadership across both the enterprise and service provider markets.

The solution provides reliable and scalable identity management, mail, calendar and instant messaging based on key components of the Sun Java(tm) Enterprise System, all while providing interoperable support for Microsoft Outlook clients. This compatibility feature enables CIOs to transform back-end enterprise messaging systems with little or no impact to end users. The Sun Reference Solution for Enterprise Messaging Consolidation also includes migration services and a reference architecture that allows for rapid implementation.

Desktop Virtualization Delivers Network-Centric Access and Security
The Sun Reference Solution for Secure Network Access Platform provides highly secure, role-based access to mission-critical data and network-centric applications important for government, financial services, telecommunications and healthcare entities. Desktop virtualization can enable an organization to pool resources for the data center more securely, reliably and efficiently than ever before. End users are able to access their desktop sessions from virtually any point in the network.

The solution is based on the stateless, ultra-thin client Sun Ray(tm) architecture and government-certified Trusted Solaris(tm) Operating System. Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy, this approach has already delivered millions of dollars in savings. The Navy has been able to consolidate the need for 10 separate desktop clients running different applications onto a single Sun Ray system, and the IT staff is now able to administer more than 600 desktops from one Sun Ray client. This innovative solution has the ability to reduce TCO by up to $5,000 per year, per enterprise user and substantially reduce the acquisition cost for new users. This reference solution includes a reference architecture and deployment services that allow for rapid implementation.

Continued Momentum With Three Additional Reference Architectures and Solutions
The next-generation of the Sun Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture from Sun and Sybase, which breaks the 100 terabyte computing barrier, nearly doubles its previous performance levels with Sun's new UltraSPARC(r) IV processors. Designed to address the difficult task of organizing and analyzing terabytes of data, this solution is optimized for Sun Fire(tm) Enterprise servers. Studies conducted by Sun and Sybase show customers can save up to $1 million per terabyte of input data, reducing installation and set-up time by as much as 80 percent compared to conventional implementations.

Deploying this reference architecture, Nielsen Media captured the number two worldwide ranking from Winter Corporation ( for the most rows/records in a decision-support database, with a quarter-trillion rows. Unique to this solution is the high-throughput capability of the UltraSPARC IV architecture and a lightweight thread-computing feature of the Solaris Operating System.

Sun and Oracle have also joined forces to provide a highly secure, database-centric, email solution that is cost effective and scalable for consolidation and management of collaborative enterprise communications. The Sun Messaging Reference Architecture for Oracle Collaboration Suite is designed to consolidate and manage collaborative enterprise communications on the Solaris Operating System and UltraSPARC processor platform. Security is enhanced through Sun technology combined with the Oracle Database, providing 15 independent security evaluations. This reference architecture leverages the Oracle Collaboration Suite and Oracle 9i Database, both developed and optimized to run on Sun technologies.

The Sun Spare Parts Planning Reference Architecture is a Web-based planning solution based on technology from supply chain management leader, i2. This new solution helps optimize inventory, resource utilization, part allocation and management of spare parts inventories in industries such as automotive and aerospace, reducing inventory costs alone by up to 30 percent. Developed in conjunction with customers like Siemens PG Americas, this Reference Architecture helps navigate planning and decision making involved in parts and services resource management.

"Sun Fire servers increased performance of the solution by nearly 50 percent. i2 and Sun provide an implementation framework that helps capture the complexities involved in deploying a parts management solution, which helps reduce deployment time and risk for future implementations," said Jack Palmadesso, Director of Siemens Information Technology Groups.

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