Wasabi Unveils iSCSI Target Reference Design Platforms for Evaluation

2/12/2004 - To demonstrate the benefits of using Wasabi Storage Builder for iSCSI Appliances to deploy natively enabled iSCSI target solutions based on off-the-shelf components, Wasabi Systems announced that it will offer three complete target reference design platforms to qualified OEMs for evaluation purposes. By offering a pre-tested and Wasabi CertifiedT hardware and software combination, OEMs can put Storage Builder through its paces and educate themselves on how iSCSI target technology can quickly be designed and deployed.

The Storage Builder reference designs will come in three models: with an ISRD 500 - 1U Rackmount, 4 drive, 500GB iSCSI target, ISRD 1000; with an 1U Rackmount, 4-drive 1TB iSCSI target, and ISRD 2000; and with a 2U Rackmount, 8 drive, 2TB iSCSI target.

Each reference design platform includes integrated hardware RAID acceleration from 3Ware, Intel Xeon CPUs and a single Gigabit Ethernet port. OEMs wishing to evaluate one of these reference designs can be up and running in minutes after taking the unit out of the box.

"I think it is important to demonstrate to storage integrators and OEMs how easy it is to put together a very sophisticated and robust iSCSI appliance," said Frank G. Logan, III, CEO of Wasabi. "These reference design models will serve as a take-off point for companies wishing to quickly design their own offering and rapidly bring it to market."

The Wasabi reference designs are offered only for evaluation and designs purposes to qualified OEMs and are not intended for resale to end-users.

About Wasabi Storage Builder
Wasabi Storage Builder for iSCSI Appliances is a compact flash based solution that enables OEMs to produce high-performance native iSCSI target appliances. Modular, scalable, and able to run on off-the-shelf components, Storage Builder is the most advanced operating platform for creating advanced, iSCSI-enabled networked storage devices available today.

About iSCSI
The iSCSI protocol is a revolution in storage applications. Using existing TCP/IP connections over the public Internet, it allows remote disks to appear as a local disk would to a host client. The deployment of iSCSI in networked storage thus allows remote storage area networks at a fraction of the cost of existing technologies.

About Wasabi Systems
Wasabi Systems Inc. provides software components and operating systems support for developers of network device, storage, embedded and server applications. Wasabi's Storage Builder offers a complete turnkey solution for building native iSCSI target appliances with off-the-shelf components. Founded in January 2000, Wasabi's investors include Himalaya Capital, Hudson Ventures, Intel Capital, and Newlight Associates. To learn more about Wasabi Systems, visit www.wasabisystems.com, call 757.248.9601, or contact the Company's headquarters at 500 E. Main Street, Suite 1520, Norfolk, Virginia 23510.

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