Cypress, Silecs Evaluate Non-Porous, Low-k Materials for ICs

2/11/2004 - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) and Silecs, Inc. announced that the two companies have agreed to collaborate on the development and testing of Silecs’ novel, non-porous, low-k dielectric materials in certain devices manufactured by Cypress. The key objectives are to improve speed performance, lower power consumption, reduce manufacturing costs and improve overall device yield. This project is part of Cypress’s efforts to develop a robust low-k process for use in device manufacturing.

Low-k dielectrics are used in the manufacturing of advanced integrated circuit (IC) devices and are essential to achieve high-speed performance and reduced power consumption. Low-k materials, particularly porous low-k films, have proven difficult to integrate into the IC manufacturing processes. This is mainly due to their insufficient thermo-mechanical robustness, absorption of wet chemicals during processing and mismatches in thermal expansion characteristics with interconnect metals. Through molecular engineering, Silecs has developed non-porous, low-k materials to specifically overcome these issues.

“This agreement represents a natural extension of the work that has been underway at Cypress over the past year,” said Dr. Jason Reid, director of engineering at Silecs. “In the work we have done thus far, we have shown the capability of our product to significantly reduce interline capacitance, as well as its potential to eliminate certain costly manufacturing process steps due to superior planarization properties. It’s time now to demonstrate improved overall device performance and manufacturing yield.”

“We welcome the opportunity to continue this technical evaluation with Silecs,” said Bert Bruggeman, director of technology development at Cypress. “The Silecs technology has proved very promising in the past several months and offers an exciting, fresh approach to the implementation of low-k dielectrics in IC devices. We hope to demonstrate significant operating cost savings through the elimination of one or more dielectric chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process steps while improving the overall performance of our products.”

About Cypress
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About Silecs
Silecs develops electronic chemical products specifically designed to meet the advanced requirements of the semiconductor industry, leveraging an extensive portfolio of patent pending precursor and synthesis technologies. With its application engineering strength and extensive semiconductor processing facilities at its disposal, Silecs is able to develop advanced semiconductor processes to help customers in rapid product integration. Additional information on Silecs can be found online at

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