Digital China Networks Selects IP Infusion's ZebOS Advanced Routing

2/11/2004 - IP Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for enhanced IP services, announced that Digital China Networks has selected its ZebOS® Advanced Routing Suite to integrate into its current and next generation router (DCRxxxx) and switch (DCRSxxxx) series products. ZebOS will provide IPv4 routing, MPLS traffic engineering and QoS, Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN, and redundancy software support.

The ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite is a sophisticated, robust, and standards-based Layer 2 and Layer 3 carrier-class routing and switching software solution. It is currently in use at many sites worldwide and is one of the most popular routing and switching protocol packages available on the market today. ZebOS provides a broad suite of IPv4, IPv6, Multicast and MPLS switching and traffic engineering offerings that include full-featured, extensively tested, and mature protocols. In particular, its advanced IPv6 and MPLS solutions have been addressing the needs of markets worldwide for some time and will play a key role in enabling equipment vendors to deliver differentiated solutions.

“We are proud to announce IP Infusion as our premier network software supplier and long term partner,” said Mr. Xiang Yangzhao, CTO of Digital China Networks. “They have demonstrated to us a great knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market and of the critical applications that will help us get to market faster with highly competitive products at a reduced cost. IP Infusion’s flexible, reliable, and feature-rich software is the ideal network software solution to use across our various product lines ranging from low-end access devices to high-end core routers.”

“IP Infusion is pleased that Digital China Networks has chosen to incorporate our ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite into their current and next generation router and switch series products,” said Mr. Kim Peyser, Vice President of Sales of IP Infusion. “Customers like Digital China Networks can select the subset of our integrated, scalable set of product offerings that they need for their solutions. This flexibility allows them to select only the protocols they need and makes it easier and more cost effective for them to integrate routing protocols into their products now and in the future.”

About IP Infusion
IP Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for enhanced IP services platforms, delivers routing, switching, multicast, and QoS technology enabling equipment vendors and end-users to rapidly develop and deploy solutions for the access, enterprise, and provider edge markets. Now entering its third year of revenue production, IP Infusion has extended its software to allow vendors to address a wide variety of value-added IP services markets. IP Infusion continues to develop network software solutions that provide equipment vendors with building blocks to rapidly create modular and scalable high-performance solutions around best-of-breed network hardware and software products from vendors such as Intel, Broadcom, WindRiver, and MontaVista. Its software is deployed worldwide in network equipment in the enterprise, telecommunications, and service provider spaces throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. Recently IP Infusion has both gained design wins in the enterprise and security solutions markets and taken a leadership position in the growing IPv6, virtualization, and high-availability network equipment market. For more information about IP Infusion, please visit

About Digital China Networks
Digital China entered the network equipment business in 1997 and delivered its first product in 1999. In 2000 Digital China Networks was founded and Digital China now holds 99.1% shares of Digital China Networks. Digital China Networks service covers LAN, WAN, Wireless, MAN and Broadband access area. Its product include router and switch for enterprise backbone and MAN, intelligence switch, router, network security product, broadband access product, wireless LAN product, network management product etc. Digital China Networks products have been adopted in government, education, enterprise, telecom, financial, military, and medical networks. For more information about Digital China Networks, please visit

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