Sun, Oracle Manage More than 500,000 E-Mails an Hour in Tests

2/11/2004 - Helping customers find a clear, low-cost pathway to a single, enterprise-wide e-mail solution, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation announced outstanding performance running performance results achieved during a series of scalability characterization tests. These tests running Oracle(R) Collaboration Suite on midrange servers, including Sun Fire 6800, V880, and V1280 systems, Sun StorEdge Arrays and the Sun Solaris Operating System (OS) scaled from 5,000 to more than 52,000 e-mail users.

These performance tests conducted by Sun and Oracle give customers the opportunity to see the performance characteristics of Oracle Collaboration Suite and Sun systems under real-world conditions, in order to use this information to plan configuration requirements and system sizing. As a result of the joint testing, customers can now more accurately size their e-mail consolidation solutions using Sun and Oracle's on-line sizing tool, while obtaining advanced scalability, functionality, reliability, and lower cost of ownership for their vital e-mail services.

This three-tier performance result was achieved using Sun Fire UltraSPARC(R) III midrange servers. The results demonstrated near-linear scalability on all Sun servers with Oracle Database tier, Oracle9i Application Server tier, and Oracle Internet Directory tier. The configuration easily scaled from 5,000 to more than 52,000 concurrent users, while still offering headroom for additional performance as the application tier had 80 percent CPU utilization and the database tier had less than 60 percent utilization.

Oracle Collaboration Suite on Sun systems provides a single e-mail message store for small, medium and large size companies, and includes non-disruptive back up by switching files to another node during server maintenance, so users have access to mission critical content 24/7. A consolidated platform for emails on Sun systems can translate into a centralized means for maintaining data with secure network accessibility from multiple points, while reducing the overall cost of maintenance. The single, scalable service enables viruses to be identified and quarantined much faster, and considerably reduce the disruption caused by a virus attack.

About Oracle Collaboration Suite
Oracle Collaboration Suite is the first enterprise-class collaboration product that leverages a relational database to offer a secure, reliable and scalable way to simplify business communication and consolidate information -- reducing hardware, software and administration costs. Built on the Oracle Database and Application Server infrastructure, Oracle Collaboration Suite provides users with access to integrated e-mail, voicemail, calendaring, file sharing, search and Web conferencing capabilities from popular desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Web browsers and a wide range of wireless devices, including PDAs and cell phones. For more information, customers may contact Oracle Direct at 1-800-633-0541 or their Oracle sales representative.

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