Safety Vision Sees the Big Picture with Paragon Innovations

2/11/2004 - Bus drivers, police officers and others will soon be able to see occurrences from every angle of their vehicles. Paragon Innovations Inc. has been enlisted by Safety Vision L.P. to increase the performance of its RoadRecorder 6000 digital recording device.

Boosting the digital recording device’s (DRD) performance will enable it to record higher quality images from up to ten cameras and two audio channels, which can be installed both inside and outside of vehicles such as buses, police and armored cars.

“Once upgraded, the Road Recorder 6000® will provide substantial performance improvements to the industry’s most robust mobile transit surveillance system,” said Mike Wilkinson, Paragon’s founder and chief executive officer. Safety Vision’s mobile DRD begins recording automatically without driver intervention. Supervisors can slip a tape canister into the unit – much like popping a videocassette into a VCR – and retrieve images and sound from the DRD or download the information over USB 2.0 or Ethernet ports. The recordings can then be viewed and archived on personal computers. Should an event such as a traffic accident occur, the device can permanently mark and store a pre-set amount of data – all with the punch of a button.

The project results from Paragon’s 2003 agreement with Avnet Electronics Marketing’s Avnet Cilicon Group to provide third-party engineering services through the Avnet Avenue Design Service Provider program. Avnet’s program pools top engineering design service companies, like Paragon, to provide customers with high-quality board- and system-level solutions. The program enables customers like Safety Vision to access a select group of pre-screened and pre-certified design service providers.

Avnet Cilicon is the focused semiconductor division of Avnet Electronics Marketing – the largest operating group of Phoenix-based Avnet Inc. Avnet supplies components to Houston-based Safety Vision, North America’s largest distributor of mobile vision and surveillance equipment. Plano, Texas-based Paragon designs and develops embedded systems for commercial and consumer technology products.

“We’ve had issues with outsourcing in the past. But we’ve worked with Avnet’s team for many years; they’ve never steered us wrong,” said Leonard Urbanovsky, Safety Vision’s design engineer. “We’re working closely with Paragon. We’ve even made some design decisions to keep things on course. Paragon is performing the bulk of the work, however.”

“Because of Safety Vision’s past outsourcing issues, Paragon had to convince them of their capabilities,” said Jim Schaeffer, Avnet Design Services’ senior vice president. “There was no need to worry. Safety Vision is pleased with Paragon’s work. The company’s engineering team goes the extra mile for the customer, the supplier and us – the distributor.”

About Avnet Cilicon
Avnet Cilicon is the semiconductor distribution specialist division of Avnet Electronics Marketing in the Americas. Avnet Cilicon combines semiconductor expertise, technical excellence and deep market knowledge to enhance time to revenue for all supply-chain partners in the electronics arena. Avnet Cilicon's core competencies include materials management, technical support through Avnet Design Services, logistics support through Avnet Supply Chain Services, and customer-centric, dedicated sales channels. Avnet Cilicon, combined with Avnet IP&E, which is Avnet's interconnect, passive and electromechanical component and services division, delivers Support Across the Board (TM). To learn more about Avnet Cilicon's capabilities please visit or call 1-800-408-8353.

About Safety Vision L.P.
Safety Vision is the largest distributor of mobile vision and surveillance equipment in North America. The company designs, manufactures, markets, sells, and services electronic products and systems for rear vision and on-board video surveillance. These products and systems include rear vision, digital and analog video recorders, cameras, monitors, microphones, switchers, thermal imagers and accessories. For more information, call 713.896.6600 or visit

About Paragon Innovations Inc.
Plano, Texas-based Paragon Innovations Inc. specializes in the design, development and documentation of custom embedded hardware and software in commercial and consumer technology products. It is a privately held company founded in 1990 by founder and chief executive officer Michael Wilkinson. Paragon's engineers use rapid product development techniques to deliver products such as electronic medical equipment, video products, semiconductor reference platforms and Internet appliances. Upon a project’s completion, clients receive the product’s complete documentation and intellectual property rights. Industries that have benefited from Paragon’s expertise include the medical, Internet, semiconductor, oil & gas, robotics and wireless industries. Customers include 3M, B. Braun Medical, Analog Devices, Hitachi, Motorola, Panasonic and Halliburton. For more information, visit

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