Commetrex Aims for 192 VoIP-FoIP Channels with TI’s 1-GHz DSP

2/9/2004 - Commetrex announced its support for Texas Instruments’ (TI) 1-GHz TMS320C64xTM flagship digital signal processor (DSP). Commetrex’ extensive line of media-processing products, including the Company’s OpenEndpoint suite of VoIP-FoIP technologies, is immediately available and optimized for the C64xTMgeneration of devices. The new 1 GHz DSP allows Commetrex to now target 192 VoIP-FoIP channels, channel density that could not be achieved previously.

Within the last six months, Commetrex, a supplier of technologies for digital-media telephony OEMs, has noticed a movement of customers towards the high-performance TMS320C6000TM DSPs in general, and the C64x generation in particular. According to Commetrex, TI’s announcement of a 1-GHz version of the C64x DSPs will only accelerate that movement as equipment developers seek to maximize system performance, density, and minimize system power consumption in high-capacity systems.

Commetrex’ OpenEndpoint and gateway technologies include:

“Growth in the demand for our C64x optimizations should accelerate as a result,” said Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO. “Years ago we chose the TMS320C62xTM generation for our MSP line of DSP boards since it offered the industry’s highest concentration of MIPS. That’s important since the per-DSP overhead in high-capacity integrated-media systems can be amortized over more channels,” Schornak explained. Although Commetrex supports both the TMS320C5000TM and C6000TM platforms of TI DSPs, Commetrex has become well known for its optimizations for the C6000 family generation of DSPs as a result of this focus.

Schornak continued: “The C64x DSPs are code compatible with the C62x devices, and it’s not just a faster C62x. We quote our MIPS utilization on the C6000 platform as “mega- cycles per-second” (MCPS) per channel. In only two weeks of C64x-specific optimization, we dropped the MCPS needed of one channel of a V.17 fax receive modem from 6.2 to 4.5, a 27-percent improvement, by taking advantage of a few of the architectural features of the C64x generation. We are looking at similar improvements with our voice technologies, which will allow our customers to put 192 voice-fax channels on just one package.”

According to Thomas Brooks, C6000 product marketing manager at TI, “TI is delighted that Commetrex is providing such strong support for the C64x generation. Their extensive library of telephony intellectual property will enable our mutual customers to get their products to market in the minimum time with reduced development cost, something we all want.”

Commetrex Corporation
Commetrex Corporation, known for its innovations in fax technology, has recently developed the open-communications industry’s first platform for system development that supports the industry’s two primary standards for open-system environments: the MSP Consortium M.100 software environment for media integration and the ECTF S.100 software environment for application integration. Both products are available with the company’s MSP Media Gateway product line featuring the Texas Instruments TMS320C6000 family of DSPs. The MSP products support voice, fax, high-speed data, VoIP, and FoIP. Commetrex also extends its support of the communications system developer to the media-processing algorithm level, and is an active participant in Texas Instrument’s Third Party Developer Network.

About the Texas Instruments Third Party Program
Commetrex is a member of the TI TMS320TM third party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry. With more than 650 independent companies and consultants, TI's customers have easy access to a broad range of application software, development hardware and software and consulting services. For more information on the TI third party program, please visit

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