ITCN Wins Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research Contract

2/9/2004 - ITCN, Inc., a pioneer of time-correlated monitoring for embedded systems, has been selected for a Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the US Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB. This SBIR, (AF03-094), addresses requirements for "Innovative Information Systems Technologies". ITCN is proposing a Prototype for "Real-Time Monitoring and Correlation of Multiple Streams of Information from Heterogeneous Sources." The Phase 2 program calls for a Prototype of Time Correlated monitoring of data from a VME backplane, a Mil-Std-1553 data bus and Ethernet as a third source. Additionally, techniques for time synchronization of multiple, distributed sources will be incorporated. The Phase 2 effort is scheduled for 24 months during which time ITCN will develop a Production Prototype of the Instrumentation.

Current embedded systems are becoming increasingly more complex with multiple processors communicating over various media, including backplanes, data busses and discrete signal lines. These heterogeneous elements require a myriad of support tools at all phases of the embedded systems life-cycle. The result is a need for system level instrumentation that can develop, maintain and monitor embedded systems. Currently, tools are available for development, operation and maintenance of INDIVIDUAL elements of the embedded system. However, few tools are available to support the entire SYSTEM at all phases of the product life cycle. Available system tools are custom developed for specific applications, which is expensive and requires extensive engineering.

"This instrumentation to be marketed as "SystemTraceTM" solves this problem because it traces data flow by monitoring standard open-architecture points throughout the system (backplanes, data busses and discrete signal lines) and time-correlates the data for analysis, performance monitoring, diagnostics or prognostics. Furthermore, this monitoring is accomplished in real-time using non-intrusive techniques, which provides accurate analysis without affecting system function." said Roy Penwell, President of ITCN.

For more information please contact:

ITCN, Inc.
591 Congress Park
Dayton, OH 45459-4036
Tel: 800 439 4039 or 937 439 9223
Fax: 937 439 9173

ITCN provides products and Engineering Services for embedded system monitoring. ITCN has 12 years of experience providing instrumentation for military and commercial programs such as the B-2, C-17, F-15, F-18, P-3, 747, ATLAS, HAWK, ALQ-135 and LANTIRN. Our products have helped major corporations and government organizations around the world save time and money developing complex embedded system applications, while improving product quality.

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