Lantronix Unveils New NEBS-compliant Secure Console Servers

2/9/2004 - Lantronix®, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX), announced the industry's first Secure Console Servers that are NEBS Level 3 compliant and include Dual Power Supplies, providing secure remote access to network equipment in high-availability environments. The new Secure Console Server models from Lantronix – the 8-port SCS820B and the 16-port SCS1620B – passed rigorous third-party testing to achieve NEBS Level 3 compliance, the most stringent of the three levels of conformance. A de facto standard in the telecommunications industry, NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) was originally developed by Bellcore (Bell Communications Research) as a means to ensure continuous, redundant operations of network equipment for the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs).

To become certified at NEBS Level 3, a product must meet strict physical, electrical and environmental requirements to prove it will operate safely and reliably within carrier infrastructures. The Lantronix SCS820B and SCS1620B Secure Console Servers passed a wide variety of tests to achieve Level 3 compliance, including those for fire, acoustic noise, earthquake/shock/vibration, airborne contaminants, temperature/humidity/altitude and heat dissipation. All of these tests ensure that the Lantronix products operate in highly reliable, redundant network systems, which is a crucial requirement for organizations such as telcos, carriers and network service providers that guarantee high availability and network uptime. These organizations consider NEBS compliance as a form of verification that the products that they are deploying in their networks will promote “always up” performance.

“Most telcos and large data centers need to maximize uptime for their networks and, with NEBS Level 3 compliance, our new Secure Console Servers offer the best, most effective way for them to monitor and manage their servers and other telecom equipment,” said Chris Humphrey , vice president of marketing at Lantronix. “These new Secure Console Servers offer the increased durability and performance that is required in high-availability environments as well as provide secure and reliable remote access to network equipment, a valuable tool to help maximize systems uptime and minimize operating costs.

“As a provider of complete NEBS-compliant communications systems for Network Equipment Providers and large system integrators, we install Lantronix Secure Console Servers on each server rack that we ship to help ensure that our customers achieve 99.999-percent system availability,” said C. Bret Martin, director of business development & marketing at GNP Computer, Inc., a premier provider of complete systems manufacturing for the embedded control and communications marketplace. “The alert features, log-file access, and remote management capabilities of the Secure Console Servers are essential to rapid fault isolation and correction.

Lantronix Secure Console Servers attach to the console or serial port built into most network or telecom equipment to provide centralized remote access and management. Console servers provide features such as break-safe operation, port buffering (logging), RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) authentication and Secure Shell (SSH) access. In addition, dial-up modem support ensures access to equipment even when the network is unavailable. According to Humphrey, remote access helps network administrators manage and troubleshoot network or telecom equipment in remote locations, where sending an onsite technician to fix a faulty device would be costly.

The NEBS Level 3 compliant SCS820B and SCS1620B Secure Console Server models from Lantronix are designed for mission-critical applications and include dual-entry, redundant power supplies to ensure continuous operation. The two models are available in AC- and DC-powered versions, the latter being especially important because many telcos have equipment centers that use DC power.

Both the SCS820B and SCS1620B Secure Console Servers are available now, and can be purchased directly from Lantronix or through an authorized reseller.

About Lantronix, Inc
Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network-enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at

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