Spectre Communications Partners with Telit for GSM Engine

2/6/2004 - As part of Spectre Communications' drive to bring industry specific communications modules to the UK Metering, Security, Automotive, EPOS, Kiosk and Unattended Payment Terminals markets, they are proud to announce an association with Telit, the leading Italian GSM Module manufacturer.

Most GSM manufacturers started out with a phone based GSM unit. The result is an engine that is poorly suited for the industrial market. As with all fashion items, mobile phones have a very short shelf life. In the Industrial, Security and Automotive markets where the design process can be two years and the product life five years or more this constant cycle of product revisions can be crippling. Also unusual interfaces drive up costs and may make supply fragile, especially if the main customer moves on.

Telit designed the module from the outset with a long production life and backward compatibility through out the family.

The GM862 family is fully approved for GSM Data use. By being fully qualified it reduces cost and uncertainty that the end product could be delayed by unexpected RF issues. A second feature, not often appreciated to those new to GSM is that Network approval is also required for any device, data or voice, by the Service Provider (SP) that the device is operating on. In recognition that most compatibility issues are a thing of the past any device approved by five of the major SPs around the world is then considered to no longer require approval by the rest of the networks. As of December 2003 Telit completed this last hurdle with Vodafone.

Telit have loaded the GM862 with powerful AT Commands that support Easy GPRS connections. Options such as an onboard TCP/IP stack, Easy Camera for sending photos by email over the internet so simple they could be driven by a PIC or 80C51. The GM862 family also has a standard MMCX connector for the antenna, a standard PCB mounted Molex connector and a push-push SIM card holder on board. The Telit Range supported by a comprehensive and low cost dev kit and Dedicated Technical Support with a 3 hour turnaround.

All of this is available at a price lower than some people are still offering their high volume phone based GSM unit.

It's no wonder that Telit dominate the Italian GSM Security market. We feel certain that the GM862 range will offer the Industrial, Security and Automotive markets, not to mention EPOS, Kiosk and Unattended Payment Terminals, a viable alternative to the main 'mobile phone' engines. For more information contact Spectre on +44 1530 511 170 or visit www.spectre-online.co.uk.

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