TimeSys Debuts Eclipse-Powered Embedded Development Tools for Linux 2.6

2/5/2004 - TimeSys(R) Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux(R) and development tools, announced the availability of the industry's first suite of Eclipse-powered embedded development tools certified to work with any commercial or homegrown version of the newest Linux kernel, version 2.6. The TimeStorm(R) Linux Tool Suite helps embedded engineers streamline the development of Linux 2.6 systems by providing a complete line of tools for porting, developing, customizing and testing Linux kernels, device drivers, root filesystems, and application software. Tested and certified to work with standard 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels from the open source community and commercial distributions from the leading Linux vendors, including Red Hat(R) Linux, the TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite allows embedded developers to quickly and easily adopt any flavor of the Linux operating system for embedded development projects.

"Our goal is to continually deliver the tools needed to accelerate the adoption of Linux throughout the embedded community," said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. "With the release of our Eclipse-powered TimeStorm tools for Linux 2.6 projects, we are offering the tools developers need to successfully and cost-effectively work with and deploy embedded systems using any 2.4 or 2.6 Linux kernel."

TimeSys also unveiled new pricing for its TimeStorm IDE, the flagship tool of the TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite. With a new price of $795 per seat, TimeStorm IDE arms developers with the tools they need to further the development of embedded systems using either 2.4 or 2.6 Linux kernels. TimeStorm IDE is a robust GUI development tool built upon the open source Eclipse platform, providing embedded Linux developers complete control over creating, editing, compiling, and debugging C/C++/Java embedded and real-time systems. In addition, TimeStorm adds powerful embedded development features to the Eclipse Platform to simplify project creation, target management, cross-platform development, multi-threaded kernel debugging and code version sharing for large and small teams using any commercial or homegrown version of the Linux operating system.

The TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite includes multiple plug-ins that streamline and simplify the end-to-end development and testing of any Linux-based embedded system. For use with homegrown or commercial Linux distributions based on kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6, this suite of tools supports every step in the Linux development process. Plug-ins to the suite's TimeStorm IDE include:

TimeSys is demonstrating the effectiveness of the TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite for building, customizing and porting various third party Linux distributions to custom hardware this week at EclipseCon 2004, the Eclipse Foundation's inaugural technology conference being held in Anaheim, California.

These tools can be purchased standalone for use with a homegrown or third-party commercial Linux distributions or can be purchased as part of TimeSys' new TimeStorm LDKs, which includes a reference 2.6 Linux kernel from TimeSys (see today's announcement, "TimeSys Announces Public Beta Program for Linux 2.6-based TimeStorm Linux Development Kits for PowerPC"), or existing TimeSys Linux v2.4 SDKs.

The TimeSys TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite, which includes the low-priced TimeStorm IDE, is now available from TimeSys sales and distribution channels, and can be purchased online at www.timesys.com/buy/tools. Pricing for the TimeStorm IDE is $795 per developer seat, and the complete TimeStorm Linux Tool Suite, is $4,795.

About TimeSys Corporation
TimeSys is making it easier to embed Linux by providing the only complete line of products and tools that support the entire embedded Linux development cycle. Covering the range of products from turn-key ready to run TimeSys Linux software development kits to TimeStorm development and testing tools for any Linux distribution, TimeSys enables embedded engineers to streamline the development of Linux-based embedded systems. Developers assembling their own Linux operating system and development environment or customizing a third-party Linux platform can use TimeSys' TimeStorm Linux development and testing tools to build, port and test the Linux kernel, root filesystem, device drivers and application software. Engineers that prefer off-the-shelf solutions can utilize one of TimeSys' 75+ hardware specific Linux SDKs that provide a packaged, integrated Linux development environment that include a ready to run TimeSys Linux RTOS distribution and application development tools for their hardware. TimeSys technologies are utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications, from industrial/process control and consumer electronics to military and avionics. For more information about TimeSys, please visit http://www.timesys.com, send email to info@timesys.com or call 1-888-432-TIME.

TimeSys and TimeStorm are registered trademarks of TimeSys Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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