VDC Releases Latest Report on Industrial Distributed/Remote I/O

2/5/2004 - A recent study by Venture Development Corporation identifies the top 5 control network interfaces for use in industrial distributed/remote I/O applications.

For All DCS, PC-Based and PLC Product Classes Combined
2002Expected in 2005
1. Profibus DP1. Profibus DP
2. Ethernet (10 mbps)2. Ethernet (10 mbps)
3. DeviceNet3. DeviceNet
4. AB Remote I/O (tied)4. Foundation Fieldbus H1
5. Foundation Fieldbus H1 (tied)5. Fast Ethernet (100 mbps)

Although Profibus DP is expected account for the largest share of shipments for distributed/remote I/O, Ethernet-based network connectivity is projected to contribute the most to market growth over the forecast period.

However, Ethernet by itself is not a complete network and in particular requires an application layer protocol, of which there are many presently in use.

Which Ethernet protocol or protocols a vendor chooses continues to be at the discretion of the vendor, as there is no clear frontrunner. By waiting to see which protocols find the widest acceptance, a vendor may get into the market too late. The better approach may be to develop products for those perceived as showing good potential such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and ProfiNet.

All vendors should develop distributed/remote I/O products that interface with open bus/network protocols, as demand for use with proprietary protocols continues to fall.

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