32-bit SuperH RISC Microprocessor Features 144-Kb SRAM, 16-Kb Cache

2/4/2004 - Renesas Technology Europe has announced the SH7641, a 32-bit SuperHTM RISC microprocessor that features 144-Kbyte SRAM, 16-Kbyte cache memory and comprehensive peripheral functions including a multi-function timer unit for motor control. The device is suitable for use in industrial products such as AC servos, inverters, vending machines and surveillance cameras, and OA and consumer devices such as video printers and bar code readers.

The SH7641 is based on the SH3-DSP CPU core and offers CPU performance of 130 MIPS and DSP performance of 200 MOPS at a maximum operating frequency of 100 MHz. The 144-Kbyte SRAM can be read or written in a single cycle, enabling the number of cycles required for program reading/writing to be minimised. This, coupled with the benefits of the on-chip cache memory, enables fast execution of system programs, making it possible to handle the real-time processing demanded by industrial equipment. Also, the provision of DSP functions allows high-speed execution of middleware for JPEG or similar image processing and MP3 or similar voice processing, making the device ideal for use in OA and consumer products handling image and voice.

The SH7641 features a comprehensive set of on-chip peripheral functions including a multi-function timer unit (MTU) that comprises five 16-bit timer counter channels and is capable of a 3-phase 16 pulse PWM wave output. This makes the device suitable for control of AC induction motors, for example. Other functions include eight 10-bit A/D converter channels and four DMAC channels. A maximum of 164 I/O channels can be used, allowing connection to a variety of peripheral devices, and offering an effective solution to embedded device control.

The device offers a range of interfaces including a single-channel USB Function conforming to USB Standard Ver. 2.0 (Full Speed). This is capable of data transfer to or from a PC, for example, at up to 12 Mbit/s. It also features a single channel I2C bus interface and a three-channel serial communication interface with a 16-stage FIFO. The external data bus can be extended to 32 bits and can be connected to external memory, enabling system size and cost to be reduced.

The SH7641 uses a small 256-pin BGA package measuring just 17 mm x 17 mm. This enables smaller products to be designed. On-chip debugging functions are included that enable real-time debugging at the maximum operating frequency, while the JTAG interface eases emulator use. Samples of the device are available now and mass production is planned to start in April 2004.

SuperH is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp.

About Renesas Technology Corp.
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