Bluegiga Rolls Out WRAP Multiradio Bluetooth Access Server

2/4/2004 - Bluegiga Technologies, a provider of wireless local area networks and M2M communications systems based on Bluetooth technology, announced the commercial availability of WRAP Multiradio Access Server, the first device in the market to integrate multiple Bluetooth modules with other wireless technologies. With the WRAP Multiradio Access Server, Bluetooth enabled cell phones and other devices utilizing wireless Bluetooth technology are flexibly connected with other wireless and wireline networks.

The WRAP Multiradio Access Server enables the use of cell phones and other devices with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly access and synchronize content and applications in both the corporate intranet and the Internet. First applications include the synchronization of email and calendar systems and news services. In corporations utilizing telephony systems based on VoIP technology (Voice Over IP), an attractive future opportunity is the use of Bluetooth enabled smartphones as VoIP terminals.

“Bluetooth technology has become a new standard connectivity in cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other wireless devices. With GSM-level data security and low power drain, Bluetooth technology is an ideal and cost efficient way to integrate these wireless devices in the corporate networks, allowing full utilization of smart handheld devices”, said Tom Nordman, General Manager, Bluegiga Technologies. “The WRAP Multiradio Access Server enables a new level of efficiency and flexibility in wireless applications.”

The Bluegiga WRAP Multiradio Access Server combines a Bluetooth access point with local application hosting and processing capability and transparent routing to other networks. Designed to enable smooth wireless transmission of services and content, the device suits the needs of both corporate IT departments and original equipment manufacturers. Software customizability allows the deployment of Bluetooth connectivity as a new virtue of existing networks without network reconfiguration.

With three built-in Bluetooth modules, Bluegiga WRAP Multiradio Access Server manages up to 21 simultaneous connections, in contrast to conventional access points supporting just seven connections. Support for WLAN, GSM and GPRS technologies are added with a CF card. Wireline interfaces include Ethernet LAN, USB and RS232. Routing between different communication technologies is completely transparent to the users.

Support for a higher number of simultaneous Bluetooth connections enables the provision of Bluetooth Hotspots, offering a wireless Internet connection to cell phones and PDAs. As a new service targeted to the users of Bluetooth enabled smart devices, Bluetooth Hotspots open up a variety of opportunities for local wireless marketing and promotional purposes.

Applications for a Bluetooth Access Server include a range of telemetry solutions, such as wireless monitoring of patient condition in medical institutions. An emerging field is Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M), utilizing systems based on Bluetooth technology in remote monitoring, control and configuration of machines in industrial plants, allowing e.g. an engineer to problem-shoot a paper machine located in another country.

Bluegiga WRAP (Wireless Remote Access Platform) Multiradio Access Server is easy and fast to deploy. With dimensions of 130 x 80 x 35 mm and weight of 450 g, the device is suitable for both desktop and wall mounting. The device is already in volume production and immediately commercially available via Bluegiga Technologies and its partners around the world.

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About Bluegiga Technologies
Bluegiga Technologies provides wireless local area networks and M2M communications systems based on Bluetooth technology. Bluegiga WRAP Access Servers integrate Bluetooth-enabled devices as part of a corporate network. Bluegiga WRAP THOR Bluetooth modules are robust, lightweight and flexibly embeddable. Software configurable for versatile integration, Bluegiga products are ideally suited in enterprise proximity access, telemetry, remote monitoring and cable replacement applications. Founded in 2000, Bluegiga is based in Espoo, Finland and privately held. Bluegiga products are globally available via a network of qualified distributors, original design manufacturers and system integrators. For further information, please visit

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