BiTMICRO, WorldScape to Develop High Performance Computing Solutions

2/4/2004 - BiTMICRO® Networks, a pioneer in intelligent ATA / IDE, SCSI, USB, VME, Compact PCI, Firewire, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel non-volatile flash disk drive solid state storage solutions and WorldScape, Inc., a leader in providing high performance computing (HPC) solutions based on highly integrated massively parallel architectures, announced at the AFCEA West 2004 Conference that they have agreed to collaborate on embedded HPC processing and streamlined solutions for end user customers in both the public and private sectors.

BiTMICRO's flagship product is the multi-patented E-Disk® line of solid state storage solutions -- renowned for its security features, small form factor, ruggedness and extreme reliability under hostile environments and field deployments typically found in military and industrial applications. Commercial and consumer applications stand to benefit as well from the E-Disk flash drives' high performance FlashBusTM technology, high storage densities and extremely low power consumption.

The ability to embed massively parallel processing within the dense, high performance storage that BiTMICRO provides will enable small, low power, ultra high performance HPC solutions to meet a variety of aerospace, military and commercial applications -- such as sensor processing, miniature radar systems, advanced image and signal processing platforms, portable medical imaging solutions and many more.

"WorldScape's embedded HPC technology bolsters BiTMICRO's E Disk solid-state storage solutions' capability to provide the same benefits and advanced storage functions to a plethora of fields that include telecommunications, image processing, RADAR, communications intelligence, ELINT/EW, radio astronomy, SONAR, voice recognition, security, and a whole host of similar and related areas of endeavor," says Rudy Bruce, President of BiTMICRO Networks.

"BiTMICRO's leading-edge products and Department of Defense successes combined with WorldScape's experience in providing optimized massively parallel processing solutions to the U.S. Government are well matched," says Peter Rogina, President of WorldScape Incorporated. "The combined capabilities of the companies will make technology insertion more streamlined for many end customers," adds Rogina.

About BiTMICRO Networks
BiTMICRO Networks (, a privately held California corporation, is the world's premier supplier of rugged and high performance non-volatile solid-state disk, flash disk drive, and network storage and management solutions. E-Disks storage solutions are offered with SCSI, IDE / ATA, Fibre Channel, USB, Firewire, Compact PCI, VME, PMC and Ethernet interfaces in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drive footprints, single-wide PMC, 3U and 6U board, and 19-inch rack mount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid-state storage.

About WorldScape
WorldScape, Inc. (, a privately held company in New Jersey, provides a broad spectrum of products and services covering massively parallel computing technologies, technology development through field implementation, military operations training and simulation, acquisition and contracting, as well as overall program management. Currently, WorldScape, Inc. is engaged with the US Navy Office of Naval Research in the area of missile defense and UAV ISR as well as a number of programs and projects related to radar and sensor technology, real world based immersive simulations, and low power remote imaging.

E-Disk®, BiTMICRO®, FlashBusTM and BiTMICRO NetworksTM and are registered trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.

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