Enea Embedded Technology Presents Mastering Complex Software Design

2/3/2004 - “Mastering Complex Software Design” is the central theme for real-time specialist Enea Embedded Technology at this year’s Embedded World show from 17-19 February 2004, where the company is presenting its lineup of technologies and offerings for real-time software development. New products include OSE for PowerQUICC III and Polyhedra 5.0, the latest version of Enea’s real-time database. The new Mobile IP for OSE solution, which makes it possible to assign fixed IP addresses to mobile devices, offers a preview for this year’s 3GSM in Cannes. Other highlights include a presentation from David Kalinsky and the opportunity for visitors to hold personal technical discussions with this “real-time guru.”

The catchphrase “Mastering Complex Software Design” reflects the overall concept for Enea’s products and services by addressing the typical challenges facing today’s embedded software developers: the increasing complexity of the software, high pressure for profitability, and the need to reduce project risk. At embedded world Enea will present OSE RTOS concepts and products that can make software development clear and simple while reducing expenditure by up to 50 percent. The overall concept also includes supplementary services, such as custom project support that extends all the way to the design of turnkey RTOS platforms as a foundation for application development work.

PQIII RTOS Technology for Telecom and Network Infrastructure
At embedded world 2004, Enea is presenting OSE for PowerQUICC III. This offering includes the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS), development tools and board support packages for Motorola’s 8540 und 8560 processors. OSE for PowerQUICC III features a modern, high-availability architecture, an efficient communications framework for distributed systems, and RapidIO support. These features make distributed communication networks based on OSE and PowerQUICC III the most reliable, powerful and flexible platforms in the industry.

Polyhedra 5.0: A New Version of the Real-Time Database
The new Polyhedra release, Version 5.0, represents one of the true highlights of this year’s exhibition. As the leading relational, in-memory database management system (DBMS) for embedded systems, Polyhedra offers active database support for mission-critical applications, such as telemetry, telecommunications (RNC), biotechnology, medical devices, process control, and automation (SCADA systems). Version 5.0, which is now available on Unix, Linux, and Windows and on embedded systems such as OSE and VxWorks, has added two major enhancements while maintaining full compatibility with the previous version for ease of adoption. Those developing products for international audiences will give a particularly warm welcome to the Unicode support feature. All customers will benefit from schema migration support, which makes it easier to upgrade Polyhedra-based applications in the field with little or no downtime.

MobileIP and Java Integrations for Wireless Devices
As a preview to 3GSM in Cannes, Enea will introduce Mobile IP for OSE, which enables enhanced data communication and mobile services for next generation wireless terminals and networks. The versatile dual-mode IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack and mobile IP components combined with the OSE operating system for embedded devices bring seamless mobility to mobile phones and other mobile devices. With Mobile IP, end users of embedded devices are able to maintain a static IP address over different networks, which enables them to travel and use advanced mobile services across networks without even noticing the switch.

Technical Discussions with Dr. David Kalinsky
Embedded World 2004 will also be receiving a coveted visitor from the USA: Dr. David Kalinsky. As a “real-time guru,” Dr. Kalinsky is a popular lecturer, the director of the Enea Training Faculty, and the owner of the D. Kalinsky Associates. Within the framework of the conference accompanying embedded world 2004, Kalinsky will hold a one-day workshop entitled “Introduction to Real-time Operating Systems.” During the workshop, he will explain the various characteristics of the real-time operating systems that are available and will offer insight into future developments.

On Thursday, February 19, 2004, Dr. Kalinsky will be available at the Enea Embedded Technology stand to answer questions and offer advice. Trade show visitors will have the opportunity to personally discuss current challenges from the everyday work of real-time professionals. By sending an E-mail to the address “l.popp@enea.de,” visitors can reserve a consultation appointment in advance.

About Enea Embedded Technology
Enea Embedded Technology is a leading provider of real-time operating systems, development tools and services for fault-tolerant, high-availability and safety-critical applications. Enea Embedded Technology owns and markets the OSE realtime operating system. OSE is used in millions of products worldwide, including distributed communication systems like communication infrastructure or mobile phones, avionics, medical, automotive and industrial control systems. Enea Embedded Technology is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA), based in Stockholm, Sweden. Employing nearly 600 people worldwide, Enea Data provides products, services, and training for a variety of real-time embedded, IT and e-business applications. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony and Boeing.

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