Densitron Control Systems Debuts Hollow Shaft Motor

2/2/2004 - Saving time and money in situations where shafts may need modification or regular replacement, the new DSM5755H08200 hollow shaft motor from Densitron Control Cystems allows engineers to make fast, accurate changes.

The precise 6mm bore in the centre of the motor gives precise location of the fitted part which is bolted in position. Ideal for small volume use, modifications can be implemented extremely quickly. The 8 lead wiring makes is suitable for unipolar connection and the bipolar 2A series is ideal for single chip drive solutions. The model with 4A bipolar connection provides maximum speed and acceleration.

Based on a standard size 23 stock motor, the DSM5755H08200 range reduces inventory costs and is ideal for customers who need different mechanical terminations in small volumes. The motor also supports ramp-up/down phases of large projects where stock control can be vital. In high volume situations, customer modifications can be implemented at the manufacturing stage.

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