Potential KVM Switch Users Lack Understanding of Technology

2/2/2004 - In the fall of 2003, Venture Development Corporation conducted an online survey of over 110 end users to determine their current and future KVM needs as well as attitudes toward products and vendors.

When asked why they did not use a KVM switch, 34% of respondents indicated that they were not familiar with the technology.

How can this be? Work from home programs have taken off in the corporate world, increasing the number of wired homes and SOHOs. Employees fully expect to be able to take their desks with them wherever they go. Additionally, a separate VDC report on Computer Accessories and Peripherals shows that most work from home employees have both a laptop and a desktop PC. Isn't this what a KVM was created for?

Obviously additional education of the benefits of this technology to end users is needed. So, how do vendors increase end user awareness?

A perfect example this can be found on Belkin's Web site. They provide a graphic on the home page of a wired home, along with links to wizards that guide an inexperienced user through a typical small network setup.

Looking forward to 2004 and 2005 as this market matures, vendors should take the opportunity to look deeper into retail channels and a target demographic of small office and home users.

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