Trolltech Rolls Out Qt 4 Beta C++ Application Development Framework

12/23/2004 - Trolltech released the first beta version of Qt 4 - incorporating extensive customer and community feedback from Qt 4 technical previews 1 and 2. This first beta version presents a feature-enhanced version of Trolltech's leading C++ application development framework for testing on all supported platforms. Key functionality additions include an all-new porting tool, facilitating largely automated ports of applications from Qt 3 to Qt 4. Qt 4 is scheduled for final release in late Q1, 2005.

From now until the final release, Trolltech will provide developers with access to code snapshots, allowing them to test and provide real-time feedback on the features most important to them.

Apart from numerous improvements to the five key technologies presented in the technical previews - Arthur, Scribe, Interview, Tulip and Mainwindow - the first beta version unveils a collection of new features, tools and resources to be included in the final release of Qt 4. Features now available for trial in Qt 4 beta 1 include:

In addition to these and more new features, this first beta version also showcases significant documentation improvements in support of the Qt 3 compatibility layer. This expanded documentation augments the assistant articles, tools and libraries that Trolltech will provide to ease the transition to Qt 4 - most notably the separate compatibility library that allows developers to gradually take advantage of the new features in Qt 4 while linking back to legacy classes.

The first beta version of Qt 4 is offered both under a special beta evaluation license to existing customers and under a GPL license for the Open Source community. The beta is now available for download from the Trolltech website at

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