White Electronic Rolls Out 2GB DDR SDRAM for High Speed Memory Devices

12/17/2004 - White Electronic Designs Corporation (NASDAQ:WEDC) announces the release of its 2GB DDR SDRAM Registered ECC w/PLL, FBGA based module. The device is a 2x128Mx72 Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory module based on 512Mb DDR SDRAM components. The module consists of thirty six 128Mx4 DDR SDRAMs, in Fine Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages mounted on a 184 pin DIMM (JEDEC Standard).

Benefits of the 2GB DDR SDRAM include the use of FBGA packaging to meet higher speed memory requirements. FBGA packages move the device connections from metal leads along the side of the device to ball connections on the underside of the device. This allows for connections with shorter line lengths from the semiconductor die, when compared to Thin Small-Outline Packages (TSOP). The device features clock speeds of 100, 133 and 166MHz, Phase-lock Loop (PLL) and Bi-directional data strobes (DQS).

The use of FBGA on the W3EG2128M72AFSRxxxD3 offers a superior compact solution compared to TSOP or stacked TSOP alternatives, consuming about 60 % less board space. Additionally, at the FBGA package level, there is a 33 % reduction of both height and width versus TSOP. Contact factory for availability of RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) and Lead Free products.

Pricing and Availability
Defined as part number W3EG2128M72AFSRxxxD3, the 2GB DDR SDRAM is priced at $750.00 (US) each in volumes of 1,000 pieces with a lead-time of 10-12 weeks.

About White
White Electronic Designs Corporation designs, develops and manufactures innovative solutions for military, industrial and commercial markets; advanced semiconductor packaging, high-density memory products and state-of-the-art microelectronic multi-chip modules for data communications and telecommunications providers, defense and aerospace system suppliers; LCD panels and ruggedized displays for commercial/military aircraft and ordnance delivery systems; designs and manufactures membrane and elastomer keypads, medical sensors and RFID antennae; and electromechanical assemblies for OEM's in commercial and military markets. White is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has design and manufacturing centers in Arizona, Indiana, Oregon and Ohio. To learn more about White Electronic Designs, visit our web site at www.wedc.com.

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