Curtiss-Wright Controls and Critical I/O Target Gigabit Ethernet Tools

12/17/2004 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) and Critical I/O announced the culmination of collaborative work resulting in a range of solutions for embedded system designers needing high performance Gigabit Ethernet technology in embedded military and aerospace applications.

The work was performed as part of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing "EXTENS IONS" Certified Partner Products program. Now system designers can select Critical I/O's industry-leading XGE line of Gigabit Ethernet PMC's, with the assurance that it will interoperate functionally, electrically and mechanically with a range of CWCEC products including the SCP/DCP-122 3U CompactPCI 750FX-based SBC and VME-680 SwitchBlade 6U VME 12/20/24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch.

The Critical I/O XGE line of TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) based PMC's dramatically reduces CPU loading while maximizing Gigabit Ethernet throughput. With the SCP/DCP-122, the XGE-4010 achieves a sustained throughput of 108 MByte/s while requiring a CPU load of less than 1% of the 800 MHz 750FX basecard processor. At maximum throughput, other Gigabit Ethernet solutions consume 100% of the basecard CPU and are still not able to match the Critical I/O XGE's data rates. For compute intensive applications that require high data rates and low CPU overhead, the Critical I/O XGE PMC and a Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing basecard is an unbeatable combination.

More information on Critical I/O's XGE TOE Gigabit Ethernet PMC products can be obtained by visiting or emailing

About Critical I/O
Critical I/O is the leading provider of high-speed interfaces for embedded computing. Critical I/O is dedicated to delivering high-speed embedded network solutions which are innovative, reliable and offer the most robust software capability available. Serving customers in the military, medical, automation, telecommunications and commercial markets for years, Critical I/O's products have been utilized by some of the largest customers for some of their most important systems and products.

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