MBDA Develops METEOR Air-to-Air Missile with I-Logix Statemate

12/15/2004 - Embedded systems and software solutions provider I-Logix announced that Statemate has been selected by world leading missile systems manufacturer MBDA to aid in the development of METEOR, a highly flexible, visual and beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) to be incorporated in to the next-generation of European fighter aircrafts including the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, and Saab Gripen. MBDA is the prime contractor for The METEOR Program, part of a multinational defence agreement signed in December of 2002 by its six member countries, which include the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Spain.

"We selected I-Logix because Statemate was the only model-driven development (MDD) solution on the market that met all of our key requirements," said an MBDA spokesman. "In addition, I-Logix' continuous successes with our partner companies BAE Systems, Airbus, and Alenia-Marconi Systems further demonstrates their capacity to understand and develop solutions for today's defence industry design problems."

METEOR's key features include stealthy launch, enhanced propulsion system motor performance, and robust countermeasure capabilities all made possible by the increased sophistication of the algorithm system which controls missile guidance, navigation, airframe, propulsion and RF signal processing. Statemate will create, navigate, update, check, simulate, and analyze the algorithm system ensuring that all mission critical requirements are met. Statemate models can be shared electronically with other members of the design, development, and testing teams to facilitate collaboration worldwide, a significant feature as the algorithm development teams are located at multiple sites throughout the UK, France, and Sweden.

"Statemate provides great benefits for system integration in a highly dispersed development program such as METEOR," added MBDA. "This previously unattainable sharing of design information during the early stages of development enables algorithms of significantly higher integrity, beyond that achievable through a traditional approach."

"MBDA's collaborative hurdles are similar to many international defence projects currently underway," said Neeraj Chandra, I-Logix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. "MBDA's use of Statemate across multiple locations highlights the collaborative value of our solution and represents a major triumph of Model-driven Development (MDD) in a missile design environment. Actually I-Logix' model-driven development solutions have a proven track record to drastically reduce the design time and defect rates throughout the defence industry."

About Statemate
Statemate is a graphical design, simulation, and prototyping tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems across distributed teams. It enables engineers to graphically capture their system requirements, specifications and designs using a combination of the Unified Modelling Language (UML)TM and traditional functional design notations. The graphical models captured in Statemate are simulated on the host computer allowing errors in the requirements and specifications to be discovered early in the process when they are inexpensive to fix. Statemate automatically generates documentation, prototype code, and test vectors, and enables corporate re-use of key systems components. For more information on Statemate, please visit us on the web at www.ilogix.com.

About METEOR METEOR will engage air targets autonomously (whether fighters, bombers, transport aircraft or cruise missiles) by using its active radar seeker by day or night and in all weathers or dense electronic environments. METEOR is equipped with a variable flow ducted ram-rocket propulsion system that ensures longer engagement ranges and higher sustained missile speeds than current medium range missiles. Even when launched from extreme stand-off ranges, the missile will have the energy in the end game to defeat fast, manoeuvring targets. To ensure total target destruction, METEOR contains both proximity and impact fuzes and a fragmentation warhead that is detonated at the optimum point to maximise lethality.

About MBDA
With an annual turnover exceeding €2 billion, a forward order book of over €14 billion and over 70 customers world wide, MBDA is a world leading, global missile systems company. MBDA currently has 45 missile system and countermeasure programmes in operational service and has proven its ability as prime contractor to head major multi-national projects. MBDA is jointly owned by BAE SYSTEMS (37.5%), EADS (37.5%), and FINMECCANICA (25%). For more information visit: www.mbda.net

About I-Logix
Founded in 1987, I-Logix is the worldwide leading provider of Collaborative Model-Driven Development (MDD) solutions for systems design through software development focused on real-time embedded applications. These solutions allow engineers, operating in either small or very large teams, to graphically model the requirements, behavior, and functionality of embedded systems. The design is iteratively analyzed, validated, and tested throughout the development process while automatically generated production quality code can be output in a variety of languages. I-Logix facilitates team collaboration through unique project and task management capabilities integrated into its UML based MDD solutions, enabling design review and inter-team participation from concept-to-code, regardless of where team members are located. I-Logix is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and has sales and support centers throughout North America, Europe and the Far East. For more information, visit I-Logix at www.ilogix.com

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