IDT Adds New Devices to Dual-Port and FIFO Product Families

12/15/2004 - Supporting the evolving bandwidth needs of the next-generation wireless and networking infrastructure, IDTTM (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI), a leading communications IC company, announced it has added new devices to its multi-port and first-in/first-out (FIFO) families. The new 36-Mbit synchronous dual-port device offers the industry’s largest density and delivers 133 MHz performance to address demanding applications such as wireless base stations, routers, and Ethernet, ATM and storage switches. Likewise, the new TeraSyncTM FIFO is the first standalone device to support 18-Mbits of data buffering density at 225 MHz, replacing costly traditional methods of implementing high-density, high-speed buffering. With today’s announcement, IDT builds on its leading position in delivering multi-port and FIFO products for the communications market.

“IDT is committed to supporting wireless and networking systems designers through the delivery of value-added products that address ever-changing market requirements,” said Ronald Jew, director of product management for multi-port and FIFO product lines. “With our new industry-leading 36-Mbit dual-port device, we leapfrog competitive offerings to ease design requirements and reduce system costs for our customers. At the same time, our new FIFO products deliver the industry’s highest density to round out our extensive portfolio of more than 350 FIFO devices, demonstrating our leadership and reliability.”

New Dual-Port Device Leads Industry
The market-leading 36-Mbit (1024Kx36) density of the IDT 70T3509M dual-port device reduces design time and system cost by eliminating the need to connect multiple devices in applications that require a large shared memory. Unlike competitive offerings, the new IDT dual-port device also provides the most comprehensive range of synchronous functionality, allowing designers to optimize their design for greater performance, lower power and the highest degree of contention management without the need for external devices. These synchronous functions include counters, multiple independent chip and byte enables, and synchronous interrupts.

The device is available in a 256-BGA package, which provides at least 50 percent board-space reduction versus alternate multi-chip solutions, and is backward pin-compatible with the previous six generations of products, enabling an easy upgrade path with minimal board changes. Much like the company’s earlier synchronous dual-port offerings, the IDT 70T3509M offers a 2.5-volt core for low-power consumption and selectable 2.5- and 3.3-volt I/O options for voltage bus matching between two separate domains. Other innovative functions include the sleep mode, which allows the product to minimize power consumption by placing the part in full standby mode without any input-level restrictions, and a Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface that allows designers to improve manufacturability with enhanced board debug and production diagnostics. Click here for additional product information.

New IDT FIFOs Extend Industry’s Broadest Portfolio
Targeting next-generation wireless base stations and the digital home networking infrastructure, the new 225 MHz IDT 72T36135M FIFO dramatically eases system design and development costs by delivering 18-Mbits of buffering density in a single device. Previously, designers would either use two 9-Mbit FIFOs or design a FIFO controller using a field programmable gate array (FPGA) coupled with an external SRAM, a costly method that required additional board space and a lengthy design and validation cycle. Such a design could achieve high-data throughput (8 Gbps in and 8 Gbps out) by going “massively parallel,” resulting in the use of hundreds of costly FPGA I/Os and difficult and expensive routing of hundreds of I/O signals.

The IDT 72T36135M contains a “mark and re-transmit” feature that enables the user to set a read marker on the queue. Mark and re-transmit also allows data to be reread once from the queue or multiple times if re-transmission of data is needed. The IDT 72T36135M offers several value-added functions, such as user-selectable I/O supporting 1.8-volt HTSL, 2.5-volt HSTL or 2.5-volt LVTTL configurations on each port to simplify the interfacing of devices operating at different voltage levels, as well as frequency matching, and programmable empty, partially empty, full and partially full flagging.

The FIFO is available in a space-saving 240-PBGA package and is 50 percent smaller than previous two-chip solutions. The device is backward pin-compatible with the company’s existing 9-Mbit TeraSync FIFO products, enabling an easy upgrade path with no board changes and allowing a designer to populate a design with a wide range of buffer capabilities in a single board layout. Click here for additional product information.

Pricing and Availability
The IDT 70T3509M 36-Mbit synchronous dual-port device is priced at $165.00 each in 10,000-unit quantities and is sampling now. The IDT 72T36135M 18-Mbit TeraSync FIFO device is priced at $150.00 each in 10,000-unit quantities and will begin sampling in January 2005. Click here to download a high-resolution photo of the dual-port and FIFO devices.

About IDT
IDT is a global leader in preemptive semiconductor solutions that accelerate packet processing for advanced network services. IDT serves communications equipment vendors by applying its advanced hardware, software and memory technologies to create flexible, highly integrated products that enhance the functionality and processing of network equipment. IDT accelerates intelligent packet processing with products such as network search engines (NSEs), programmable content inspection engines (CIEs), flow-control management (FCM) ICs and its family of InterpriseTM integrated communications processors. The portfolio also comprises products optimized for communications applications, including telecom products, FIFOs, multi-ports, and timing solutions. In addition, the product mix includes high-performance digital logic and high-speed SRAMs to meet the requirements of leading communications companies.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company employs approximately 3,200 people worldwide and has a wafer manufacturing facility in Oregon, and test and assembly facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. IDT stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.” The company is included in the S&P 1000, which is a combination of the S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 Indices, and is also part of the S&P SuperComposite 1500, which combines the S&P 500, MidCap 400, and SmallCap 600. Additional information about IDT is accessible at

IDT, TeraSync, Interprise and the IDT logo are trademarks of Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

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