Kontron Unveils Micro Clients/Thin Clients Based on Xscale Architecture

12/14/2004 - Kontron Embedded Computers' line of fanless display and service terminals with micro client/thin client functionality has been expanded with the new product family of Micro Clients M@CX based on Intel® Xscale® architecture. The slender HMI systems are now available in a variety of display sizes, from 6.4" to 12.4", with resistive touch. At the heart of the 100% industrial-grade micro clients is the Xscale processor PXA 255 with 400 MHz, which is distinguished by a high performance level with low power consumption.

The system has 128 MB SDRAM, as well as up to 128 MB on-board, plus CompactFlash up to 1 GB. 3xRS232, 1xLAN 10/100, 1xCRT, 1xPS/2 and two USB ports are available for service purposes, or for connecting peripheral devices.

The display dimensions of the resistive touch screen are scalable from 6.4" to 8.4" and 10.4" up to 12.1".

The small installation depth of 45 mm and the low power consumption, combined with little waste heat, predestine the new micro clients, such as the M@C84x, for mobile applications with battery operation, such as PDA hand-helds or mobile infotainment. Thanks to CAN and Ethernet interfaces, they are also particularly well-suited as slender HMIs for CAN-based networks with an Ethernet backbone.

The use of micro clients/thin clients as HMI - providing only the display and command input, while all application programs run on a central web or Windows server - allows for low maintenance and, at the same time, highly scalable use of these systems.

Central administration and software maintenance, maximum data security, reliability and availability (low MTBF values) by avoiding rotating mass storage and fans reduce the total cost of ownership to a minimum.

Windows CE.net and Embedded Linux are available as default operating systems.

Optimal shock, vibration and temperature resistance, as well as resistance against increased UPS conditions, are a matter of course for the front-side IP65 protected micro clients. In addition, Kontron guarantees long-term availability over five years with complete system responsibility.

More Information:
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