Macraigor's OCDemon Flash Programmer Supports New Chips

12/14/2004 - Macraigor Systems LLC announced that OCDemon Flash Programmer, the company's industry-leading flash programming software, now supports several new families of flash chip parts. All OCDemon products support parts programming when used with the OCDemon Flash Programmer. The OCDemon products offer the industry's most advanced, yet price-sensitive solution for design, debug and programming of hardware designs and application software.

The OCDemon Flash Programmer now supports the following flash chips:

With the exception of the Oki parts that are designed to function with the CPU included in the package, all of these devices can be used with AMD, ARM7, ARM9, CPU32, IBM and Motorola PowerPC, MIPS32 and Intel Xscale CPUs. Support of these new parts will allow Macraigor Systems' customers maximum flexibility when selecting parts appropriate to their needs for new system designs.

Industry-Leading Flash Programming Solution
OCDemon Flash Programmer supplies a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application for performing a variety of programming and debugging functions on flash parts. The GUI interface provides high-level interaction for debugging and programming the contents of flash connected to the target CPU.

Debugging functionality includes the ability to perform checksums and Blank Checks on a specific range or the entire contents of flash, as well as the ability to verify the chip ID of the flash part in use and view the contents. This debugging functionality is extremely useful for verifying that flash content and type are consistent during the development process with a new board. Programming functionality includes erasing and filling a range with a pattern, in addition to programming from a source file, and may be performed on any specific range or the entire contents of flash. The erase functionality offers the ability to easily wipe out the contents of flash to prepare for new writes. The fill function assists with tracking down any programming problems resulting from difficulty in value transitions.

Programming may be specified to start at any point within the flash that is followed by an area large enough to contain the file and file types acceptable for programming, including ELF, S-Record and Hex formats. A conversion utility handles unsupported binary file types. The OCDemon Flash Programmer also provides functionality to verify the contents of flash against a file to ensure proper programming as well as the ability to upload the contents of flash into a file that may be used for later programming or verification. The Flash Access software offers nearly all the same functionality in a DLL format which may be invoked from the users' custom program written in Delphi, C/C++ or Visual Basic, as well as from batch file routines and direct command line functionality.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems is a leading supplier of BDM / JTAG connection solutions for on-chip debugging of 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Macraigor Systems' solutions are designed for price-sensitive customers. These solutions include a suite of software tools that supports Windows 9x, NT, ME, XP, 2000, Linux and Solaris host systems. Macraigor Systems supports all major embedded microprocessor architectures, including AMD, ARM, ColdFire, CPU32 Series, PowerPC, MIPS and the XScale microarchitecture.

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