NMS' Ringback Tone Ring up Over 170 Million Mobile Subscribers

12/14/2004 - NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS) announced that with the recent addition of new mobile operator customers across Europe and growth in the US and Asia, the company now delivers ringback tone services to a subscriber base of 170 million consumers globally. NMS' ringback solutions, including the company's MyCallerTM offering, let subscribers replace the traditional ring sound their callers hear with customized music, sound and video clips and other media of their choice.

The Yankee Group forecasts that the ringback market in the US and Western Europe alone will generate more than $1.2 billion annually in revenues by 2008.

"The uptake in global ringback deployments indicates an increasing interest in differentiated, personalized mobile content services," said Linda Barrabee, Senior Analyst, The Yankee Group. "Operators continue to seek enhanced services that drive revenue and are finding that subscribers are eager to embrace these new applications. We expect to see continued momentum for the ringback space and accelerated deployment of other mobile services that provide entertainment and personalized content."

In November 2002, NMS announced the world's first ringback tone service, deployed by SK Telecom and built using NMS system building blocks. Since then, NMS has worked with an extensive network of content and integration partners to deliver the service to operators throughout Asia and Europe, including ChungHwa Telecom and Vodafone Netherlands and, more recently, the US. NMS estimates that its products will touch 90% of all ringback subscribers as service rollouts progress over the next 18 months. To date, all of NMS' mobile operator customers are recording ARPU (average revenue per subscriber) at about $2/month globally.

"Based on our customers' success introducing ringback services, it is clear that personalized services, delivered through a rich and easy-to-use interface, will continue to drive service revenues for mobile operators over the coming five to ten years," said Brian Demers, VP and General Manager, Mobile Applications, NMS Communications. "Ringback is just the latest trend in personalization and mobile entertainment services to capture the imagination of operators and subscribers. We can expect a new wave of applications that leverage video and music content targeting specific subscriber segments to deliver even more entertainment value to subscribers and, of course, revenues to mobile operators."

About MyCaller
MyCaller empowers subscribers to select world-class original recordings of music, sounds and voices for callers to hear in place of the conventional ringback. The solution's market-proven capabilities enable speedy deployment time and a fast return on investment, while allowing operators to:

About NMS Communications
NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS) is a leading provider of communications technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure. Visit www.nmscommunications.com for more information.

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