Kontron Introduces Long Distance Monitor Interface

12/13/2004 - With the "Long Distance Monitor Interface," Kontron has developed a simple solution that bridges distances of up to 30 meters between a computer and a remote TFT monitor with a single cable.

In some applications, the installation of a Panel PC at an activity location is difficult because of limited space or inappropriate because the display is required at a distance from the actual equipment. Standard lengths of nearly 3 meters for the monitor connection are often not sufficient and a potential visualization over Ethernet would be too complex and may require expensive software development. For these special requirements, Kontron has developed a breakthrough solution that can bridge distances of up to 30 meters for any IPC and TFT display with DVI and USB interfaces.

This "Long Distance Monitor Interface" is implemented by Kontron over a DVI and a USB interface and a Long Distance Transmitter, which is installed in the computer. It can be integrated into any computer and requires only one slot. A corresponding Long Distance Receiver box is placed next to the TFT display, connected between the cable and the monitor. The connection between the Long Distance Transmitter and Receiver is just a single cable. In order to meet the requirements of industrial automation technology, this single cable supplies the monitor¿s power along with the image and USB information.

The touchpad connection, which is frequently requested in the automation field, is implemented in the same cable. Only analog control is not supported, since it is not generally relevant in the industrial field. Despite this performance package, the cable is highly flexible. Appropriate bending tests have confirmed its suitability for intricate laying in the industrial environment, for example in the pivot arm in a machine.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) being an important requirement in the industrial field, the Long Distance Monitor has been designed to meet and exceed all the appropriate radiation and emission standards, so these remote panels can even be used in the highly sensitive medical field. Disturbances that are normally radiated symmetrically are simply shielded by means of differential transmission. 10" to 15" TFT monitors can be used at a maximum distance of 30 meters with these Long Lines and 17" to 19" TFT displays can be placed up to 15 meters away.

Upgrading the Long Distance Receivers to a USB hub furthermore enables the connection of up to 7 USB 1.1 compatible devices with up to 12 MBit/s full speed transfer rate. From keyboard and mouse to printers, hard drives and DVD drives, everything that the user requires in daily operation - for installation or maintenance (such as software updates) - can thus be connected as plug-and-play.

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