Siemens COM Selects Eracom's ProtectDrive for CardOS Smart Cards

12/13/2004 - Eracom Technologies, a leading pioneer of cryptographic technologies and Siemens COM announced the successful partnership and integration of the leading hard drive encryption solution, ProtectDrive, with Siemens COM smart cards running under the Siemens operating system.

Leveraging the advanced security of Eracom Technologies’ ProtectDrive with the physical security of Siemens COM CardOSTM smart cards, this partnership delivers the first pre-boot PKI based two-factor authentication solution to the German market. Meeting government and enterprise needs for data encryption and user authentication for servers, workstations and laptops, Eracom Technologies will play an integral role with the already planned deployment of Siemens COM smart cards to all of German government agencies.

ProtectDrive, a world-leading security solution popular within enterprise and government segments for encrypting the entire hard drives of servers, PCs and laptops, is one of the most secure software products of its type. The integration of the Siemens COM smart card under the Siemens CardOsTM operating system, delivers benefit by heightening the security even further with two-factor authentication. This authentication process consists of the combination of ‘Mind and Hardware’; what you know (username and pass-phrase) plus the Siemens smart card. This combination is therefore required to certify pre-boot access to the computing device operating system and encrypted data stored on its hard drive. Single-factor authentication requires only a username and pass-phrase as pre-boot authentication.

A Siemens COM smart card device is uniquely issued to each individual user, containing an encrypted algorithm that secures and manages the PIN certificate, which is exclusive to the system it is authenticating to. The user must insert the smart card into their PC before the system proceeds to the user authentication stage. It is then that the user enters the pass-phrase and authenticates to the device itself (assuming the PIN is correct). ProtectDrive authenticates the pass-phrase with the smart card allowing the PC to boot the operating system and transparently decrypt data on the hard drive with the only user interaction entailing username and pass-phrase entry. All data is automatically encrypted when stored on a hard drive protected by ProtectDrive.

Maximum protection against data theft requires not only strong user authentication management and data encryption, but also protection of the master boot record. Data thieves can circumvent inbuilt security systems by removing the disk and installing it on another machine to read previously encrypted data via the new computers Windows’ permissions. ProtectDrive's 'Pre-Boot Authentication' feature totally eliminates this risk, securely authenticating the user prior to booting the operating system. Data is encrypted even when the PC is switched off, ensuring non-readability via another computer.

“Integrating with and supporting the Siemens COM CardOSTM was an important initiative for Eracom Technologies and forms part of our ongoing commitment to pioneer absolute, no-compromise security solutions for the German market and our German partners” said Ansgar Dodt, COO EMEA of Eracom Technologies. “CardOSTM support ensures this level of security to both Eracom Technologies and Siemens COM customers while the corporate partnership leverages a perfect match both in vision, and in delivering a solution that addresses the needs of governments and companies in Germany.”

About Eracom Technologies
Celebrating 25 years (1979-2004) of excellence in cryptography, Eracom Technologies is a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic hardware and software products. As a true pioneer in the IT security industry, Eracom Technologies offers proven cryptographic security solutions to a wide range of industries including banking, finance, government and technology sectors. In the last two decades alone, Eracom Technologies has successfully developed and deployed several generations of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to the market as well as a range of advanced cryptographic APIs and privacy of information products.

Eracom Technologies provides 24x7 worldwide customer support with guaranteed response times as well as access to free updates and documentation via the Eracom Technologies Website. Eracom Technologies is represented by a worldwide network of wholly owned subsidiaries and distribution channels with offices in 11 countries.

Eracom Technologies is proud to have served and supported the ever increasing and most stringent IT security needs with its Electronic Transaction Security and Privacy of Information portfolios. Together with its worldwide partners, Eracom Technologies is here to protect the future. For more information about Eracom Technologies, visit our web site at

About Siemens Communications
Siemens Communications is one of the largest players in the global telecommunications industry. Siemens is the only provider in the market that offers its customers a full-range portfolio, from devices for end users to complex network infrastructures for enterprises and carriers as well as related services. Siemens Communications is the world’s innovation leader in convergent technologies, products and services for wireless, fixed and enterprise networks. It is the largest Group within Siemens and operates in more than 160 countries around the world. In fiscal 2003 (year-end September 30), its 60,000-strong workforce posted sales of about 17 billion euros.

About ProtectDrive
ProtectDrive is disk/drive encryption software for securing sensitive data on desktops, laptops and servers. ProtectDrive provides pre-boot authentication and encrypts and decrypts all data transparently. Mobile computers are being used more and more, mobile usage is increasing – and so is the risk of loss or theft of mobile devices. Similarly, PCs and servers are being stolen and unattended computers are attacked to spy out data or install Trojan Horses. Very often data stored on these computers is a highly valuable asset that should be protected against competitors as well as internal attacks.

To achieve utmost security on standalone devices, encryption of all files including system files is critical, as well as boot virus protection for the master boot record. System attacks via Trojan horses must be rejected as well as attempts to read out passwords. Additionally, in terms of strong usability, users must be able to en-/decrypt all data without the need for any additional user interaction. Beyond security and usability, manageability of the encryption software, user rights and security policies is required to effectively protect sensitive data. Depending on usage requirements, simple decentralized management should be combined with powerful central administration capabilities.

Currently deployed worldwide by governments, corporations and institutions with thousands of users, ProtectDrive is a proven highly secure transparent data security solution that offers the best protection for confidential and proprietary information.

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