ZF Friedrichshafen Selects ARTiSAN's Real-time Studio Modeling Tool

12/13/2004 - ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML-based, real-time systems and software modeling tools, announced that Real-time Studio has been chosen by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of the automotive industry's leading suppliers of driveline and chassis systems, as their modeling tool for software development.

Automobiles of today are tremendously more complex than those designed just a few years ago. Electronics are often replacing mechanical and hydraulic components to maximize driver comfort, safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency. This leads to the need for software to be far more involved and complex than previously, and, to meet the rigorous time schedules of automakers, it has to be designed in less time than ever before. The potential of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for supporting development of progressively more powerful systems in increasingly shorter timeframes was proven by ZF as long ago as 1999. ZF introduced UML step-by-step, initially for the development of gear controls and gradually applied it to the development of virtually their entire product spectrum. In this context, UML is used as the common language for nearly all ZF project members involved in the software development process. This is why ease of use was one of the most vital selection criteria in their modeling tool.

Support for re-use of legacy intellectual property and code from existing models was another requirement, as was flexible code generation. ZF also sees a high potential for increases in efficiency from Real-time Studio's Pattern Wizard, a product component that allows them to define and use solution patterns for development tasks that arise repeatedly.

Jeremy Goulding, President and CEO of ARTiSAN commented, "ZF was attracted to the flexibility and customizability of our code generator, which is widely considered to be the best available, and to our Pattern Wizard that offers an order of magnitude time saving opportunity to our users. That we have been chosen as ZF's standard UML modeling and design tool when they have been working with UML for so long is testimony to the reliability and comprehensive support that we provide. The complexity and distributed development inherent in automotive design is making Real-time Studio an increasingly popular choice for the automotive industry which is now our second largest business segment."

About ARTiSAN Software Tools
ARTiSAN Software Tools provides electronic product development teams with the "fastest path to the right product." The company offers products, services and a process for systems and software modeling to accelerate the development of next-generation real-time systems while ensuring that they meet requirements. ARTiSAN enables engineering teams to visualize, design and validate systems before building them, and simplifies implementation with code generation and software reuse. ARTiSAN is a practical partner offering easy-to-adopt, down-to-earth solutions.

ARTiSAN Software Tools, Inc., founded in March 1997, is privately held with headquarters in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. The company has regional sales offices and distributors throughout the world. For more information, call +44 (0)1242 229300 internationally, or 1(888)511-7975 from the US; or visit www.artisansw.com

About ZF
ZF is a leading worldwide automotive supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology. ZF achieves roughly one third of its sales from products which entered volume production only within the last five years. In order to remain successful in future with innovative products, ZF invests well over 500 million every year in research and development. Headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Germany, ZF is among the 15 largest automotive suppliers in the world. The company has a total workforce of 53,500 at 119 locations in 25 countries, and combined revenues for the group totaled more than $10 billion in 2003. For more information, visit www.zf.com

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