Parasoft Simplifies Web Service Orchestration with BPEL Maestro 1.5

12/10/2004 - Parasoft, a leading provider of Web services solutions, announced the release of Parasoft BPEL Maestro 1.5. Designed to help enterprises develop, manage and orchestrate long-term, persistent Web Service business processes. Parasoft BPEL Maestro 1.5 delivers a comprehensive BPEL engine and development toolkit that strictly adheres to Web Services and BPEL standards.

Helps Enterprises Realize the Vision of SOA
To ease the development of Web Services applications, BPEL Maestro 1.5 allows enterprises and system integrators to create Web service business processes using a simple flexible GUI. Companies will be able to deploy their Web service business applications faster with few resources. Complex Web Service applications, such as adjusting business processes and associated data integration, can be quickly changed.

"BPEL processes need to be executed by a runtime engine that supports a number of requirements, including native support for Web service standards as well as asynchronous messaging, process persistence, and transactional models consistent with long-term processes," Jim Clune, director of WS Technology for Parasoft." Parasoft BPEL Maestro satisfies these requirements by offering a unique set of technologies, and gives companies unprecedented ease-of-use and flexibility when it comes to driving Web Services business processes."

About Parasoft BPEL Maestro
Parasoft BPEL Maestro 1.5 is a 100 percent native BPEL integration platform. Based on participation and contribution to many of the web and Web Services standards bodies (e.g. WS-I and OASIS), it contains a BPEL engine and toolkit built from the ground up to strictly adhere to Web Services standards. Features include:

"Enterprises using Web Services need not only flawless execution of complex business processes but also to reduce the time and effort to deploy those processes," said Wayne Ariola, Vice President of Corporate Development for Parasoft Corporation. "Parasoft BPEL Maestro 1.5 increases development productivity by providing enterprises with a fast, flexible and cost effective way to implement robust and secure Web Services utilizing industry accepted standards."

Parasoft BPEL Maestro is available for Linux, Windows XP/2000 and Solaris.

About Parasoft
Parasoft is the leading provider of automated software analysis solutions based on Automated Error Prevention (AEP) methodologies. Founded in 1987, Parasoft has over 10,000 clients worldwide, including Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, Lehman Brothers, HP, IBM and SBC. Parasoft’s award winning patented solutions enables software development organizations to significantly increase software quality and security and reduce development cost and time-to-market. Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to URL:

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