MathWorks Debuts SimDriveline for Modeling and Simulating Drivetrains

12/8/2004 - The MathWorks announced the availability of SimDriveline for modeling and simulating the mechanics of automotive and aerospace driveline and drivetrain systems. It includes tools for modeling transmissions, gears, clutches, and rotating shafts, within the Simulink® environment. With a solution algorithm and user interface optimized for modeling and simulating driveline mechanics, it provides engineers with an environment for efficient simulation of driveline systems. By supporting Simulink’s linearization and code-generation capabilities, SimDriveline provides models that assist in the design of controllers and the testing of them in real time. By enabling engineers to simulate a driveline mechanism together with a controller before hardware is available, SimDriveline reduces reliance on costly prototypes. As a result, users can explore more extensive design options and attain higher quality and faster time-to-market.

SimDriveline extends the power of Simulink, the MathWorks software for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design of dynamic systems, to provide engineers with a modeling environment that assists in controller development for transmissions and other powertrain components such as all-wheel-drive center differentials and hybrid electric vehicles. The new software provides an efficient alternative to 3-D mechanical simulators because it focuses exclusively on rotating machinery mechanics, thus providing a simpler user interface and enabling faster simulation.

“SimDriveline allows engineers to efficiently model and simulate controllers and plants with an easy-to-use interface particularly well-suited to the nature of driveline systems,” said Terry Denery, physical modeling marketing, The MathWorks. “By integrating SimDriveline with MathWorks control design and code generation products, engineers can now perform more precise and faster driveline simulations, providing customers in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries with a competitive advantage in getting better quality products to market.”

SimDriveline includes libraries of components for driveline systems, standard transmission templates, and simple engine and tire models. Models for most driveline configurations can be built using the Library of Common Gear Configurations and the Library of Dynamic Elements, which provides interfaces for modeling clutches, flexible shafts, and torque converters.

Pricing and Availability
SimDriveline is available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh platforms. U.S. list prices start at $3,000 for SimDriveline.

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