XEMICS Powers Savia Ultra-Low-Power Bionic Digital Hearing System

12/7/2004 - Using XEMICS' technology, Phonak has just introduced SaviaTM, the first hearing instrument ever to capture the natural phenomenon of bionic hearing in digital technology. Savia is the first hearing computer ever to implement the unique capabilities of biological hearing systems using digital technology. This product represents the biggest hearing instrument revolution since the introduction of digital technology.

This breakthrough in the Hearing Aid industry was only possible by combining Phonak's outstanding audio processing expertise with the unique Ultra Low-Power technology developed by XEMICS.

Savia integrates a host of features known as Digital Bionics to bring wearers natural, effortless hearing. The ultimate bionic solution directly and successfully addresses a host of extremely critical issues for hearing instrument wearers. These include stress-free hearing in an infinite number of situations, speech understanding in the presence of multiple noise sources, natural localization ability and the elimination of feedback. The Digital Bionics in Savia accompanies the path of sound, continually optimizing its quality and comfort level for the wearer to previously unknown levels.

For high quality sound capture and restitution, Savia uses XEMICS' low-power low-voltage audio ADC and DAC technologies. The new advanced Digital Bionic features are provided by an efficient programmable DSP. The use of this DSP together with a CoolRISCTM low-power, low-voltage XEMICS' micro-controller, advanced power management techniques and special low-power design structures results in a complex design solution with less than 1mW total dissipated power at a voltage of between 0.9 and 1.5 volts. This unique performance has been achieved using standard digital design tools with modified standard flows, allowing an aggressive time-to-market.

XEMICS' consistently provides high quality, ultra low-power solutions customized to meet Phonak's complex and technologically challenging products. The long-standing collaboration has been cemented with XEMICS' becoming the preferred supplier for Phonak's custom ICs. XEMICS delivers high levels of system integration without compromising on power as the Savia range proves.

Dr. Herbert Baechler, CTO Phonak Holding AG said that "Phonak and XEMICS have been technological partners for many years. This long term exchange of know-how and close partnership are demonstrated in the outstanding performance of Savia, the latest Phonak digital hearing system. XEMICS' expertise in the field of ultra low power solutions has been combined with Phonak's sophisticated hearing care technology. This cooperation of Swiss technology partners has resulted in a new level of performance, designed to improve the quality of life for hearing impaired people."

ABOUT Phonak Holding AG
The Phonak Group specializes in the design, development, production and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced hearing systems. The combination of expertise in hearing technology and a strong distribution network allows Phonak, along with its customers and business partners, to make a substantial improvement in the quality of life of individuals with hearing impairment. The Phonak Group comprises two hearing instrument divisions, Phonak and Unitron Hearing, as well as Phonak Communications, a developer of wireless communication devices for both hearing instrument and other applications. The Group, employing a collective workforce of over 2'600 people, is headquartered in Staefa, Switzerland. Phonak is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. Website: www.phonak.com

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