S3 Graphics Improves Graphics Processors with Sequence PhysicalStudio

12/7/2004 - Sequence Design, the accuracy and performance leader in power integrity tools, announced that S3 Graphics, a leading graphics solutions company, has benefited from the company's PhysicalStudio(TM) optimization software by reducing timing and noise violations on S3 Graphics' leading graphics processors.

PhysicalStudio concurrently analyzes and optimizes chip timing and signal integrity, before routing in an avoidance mode and after detailed routing in a post-route correction mode, thereby ensuring significant reductions in timing and signal integrity violations.

"When we increased the complexity of our graphics processors, we needed a tool that could handle the timing and signal integrity challenges inherent in higher gate-count designs," said Michael Shiuan, vice president of engineering at S3 Graphics. "Building this complex 130 nanometer, high-frequency, 10 Million+ Gate system-on-a-chip required a state-of-the-art push down flow approach for top level optimization. PhysicalStudio is the best chip- and block- level signal integrity analysis and optimization tool we have used -- the number of timing and noise violations it eliminates is extraordinary!"

According to XinChang, engineering manager at S3 Graphics, "PhysicalStudio's push-down flow allowed the designer to analyze and optimize timing and signal integrity on the full-chip level and generate ECOs that were pushed down to the individual blocks in the design. This unique capability in PhysicalStudio achieved a turnaround in hours, for full-chip timing and signal-integrity closure, something that takes a week to accomplish with competing tools. The ECOs were seamlessly integrated into S3 Graphics' Cadence place & route flow."

PhysicalStudio enabled designers at S3 Graphics to:

"A comprehensive power integrity flow is necessary for today's SoC design, beginning at RTL clear through to a tape-out tool like PhysicalStudio that optimizes signal-integrity, power and timing," said Vic Kulkarni, president and CEO, Sequence Design. "We are pleased that S3 Graphics was able to accelerate their design cycle time through the optimization functionality available in PhysicalStudio."

About NanoCool
PhysicalStudio is the optimization stage in Sequence's NanoCool power integrity flow. The flow includes RTL power analysis, voltage-drop analysis and optimization, as well as leakage power reduction. Details may be found at: http://www.sequencedesign.com/2_solutions/NC-DataSheet_New.pdf

Sequence recently launched the NanoCool Low-Power Design seminar series with co-sponsors Artisan Components and Sun Microsystems. Additional inquiries on NanoCool seminars may be directed to seminars@sequencedesign.com.

About PhysicalStudio
PhysicalStudio(TM) is the industry's first design closure tool to predict and correct chip timing, power, and signal integrity issues concurrently, before and after routing. It gives users the ability to interactively optimize hierarchical, multi-million gate SoC designs at the block-level as well as at top-level. PhysicalStudio integrates into popular Cadence, Synopsys and Magma third-party routing tools to enable existing physical flows to reach fast, predictable design closure in silicon geometries below 180 nanometers (nm).

PhysicalStudio Features

About S3 Graphics
S3 Graphics Co., Ltd., a VIA Technologies joint venture company, is a leading supplier in the 3D enabled PC graphics market. S3 Graphics ships low power, high performance, commercial grade 3D graphics sub-systems to top tier notebook manufacturers.

S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. has inherited a long tradition of graphics chip excellence from S3 Incorporated, a distinguished pioneer in the development of graphics chip technology. The company continues to break new boundaries in the high quality and power efficient mobile and desktop graphics product sectors.

About Sequence
Sequence Design, Inc. enables system-on-chip designers to bring higher-performance and lower-power integrated circuits quickly to fabrication. Sequence's power and signal integrity software give its more than 130 customers the competitive advantage they need to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of nanometer design.

Sequence has worldwide development and field service operations. The company was recently named by Reed Electronics as one of the top 10 companies to watch in the electronics industry. Sequence is privately held. Sequence is a member of Cadence Design Systems' Connections(TM) and Mentor Graphics' Open Door(TM) partnership programs. Additional information is available at sequencedesign.com.

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