Kontron Unveils E Brain Computer-On-Module with PowerPC 405EP Processor

12/3/2004 - Kontron Modular Computers' newest RISC processor-based computer-on-module (COM) is the E2Brain EB405 with 266 MHz IBM PowerPC 405EP processor. This energy-saving RISC module is ideal for embedded systems in the real-time domain, with minimum power consumption and passive cooling. It is an add-on component for customized embedded systems. Thanks to standardized modules, the user can focus on his actual task - the design of the equipment with interfaces, application software and application specifics - without having to undertake the complex development of a processor core. In commercial applications, the low-power (only 1 watt at 200 MHz) 405EP processor is used for routers, modems, access points and comparable high-volume network applications. Additionally, the E2Brain EB405 is offered at a very attractive price and is ideal for cost-sensitive applications in industrial automation, transportation, medical technology and defense.

For interfaces, the E2Brain EB405 provides 2 Fast Ethernet ports as well as 2 or 4 serial ports, each of which is designed to function as Rx/Tx Terminal- or UART-interfaces. Individual expansions are easily done via the 32-bit, 33/66 PCI bus, the LPC I/O bus and the I2C-bus. All these interfaces are connected to the baseboard with 4 standard SMD connectors.

Apart from the flexible interfaces, customizable for individual applications, the E2Brain EB405 Module is provided with 16MB or 64MB of directly-soldered SDRAM with dimensions of just 75 mm x 115 mm. Additional features are 4 or 8 MB Flash, E2Prom for user and configuration data and an interface for Compact Flash cards. The physical slot for the Compact Flash memory media is placed on the baseboard. Debugging and onboard programming is done via the implemented JTAG/BDM interface.

The module is designed for a single-source 3.3V supply. The standard version of the E2Brain EB405 is intended for use at temperatures ranging from 32F to 158F (0C to 70C). An optional version with an extended operating temperature range from -72F to 185F (-40C to +85C) is also available. Due to its thermally and mechanically robust design, this module is suitable for use in extremely harsh environments. Watchdog and real-time clock round out the feature set.

Software support is provided by an OS-independent boot loader with network support as well as a Linux and VxWorks board support package.

E2Brain EB405 will be available in November 2004. Evaluation baseboards will also be made available at this time.

Users who require more performance should consider the recently introduced E2Brain EB8540. At 800 MHz it offers a generous 1850 MIPS.

About E2Brain modules
In the world of embedded computers, it has been common up to now for the user to have to develop a new processor core for every new device development due to differences in design and space requirements between the devices. With standardized E2Brain modules, the user can concentrate on the tasks at hand - design of the device and development of a customized solution.

The E2Brain (Embedded Electronic Brain) product line has a modular design that is open for all types of processor architectures, communications interfaces and I/O interfaces. E2Brain modules with dimensions of 75 mm x 115 mm can be divided into 2 categories:

The EB405 module falls into the category of Advanced Computing Cores.

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