NEC Succeeds with Magma's Third-Generation Routing Technology

12/1/2004 - Magma ® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA) announced that NEC Electronics America, Inc. has successfully verified a multimillion-instance nanometer (nm) design using Version 4.2 of the Blast Fusion® physical design system that incorporates Magma’s third-generation routing technology. In this version, a dvanced power, global, track and single-pass routing engines have been implemented that enhance each step of the routing process to improve routing quality and manufacturability . In addition, comprehensive design-for-manufacturability capabilities have been added throughout the routing flow to enhance yield. Runtime has also been accelerated by as much as 40 percent on a single CPU and additional runtime improvements can be achieved using advanced parallel processing capabilities. NEC Electronics America’s success using this new routing technology demonstrates Magma’s continuing technology leadership in nanometer design solutions.

Magma’s third-generation routing capabilities were key to enabling NEC Electronics America to reduce cost by minimizing the die size and number of metal layers on this multimillion-gate design. “We used Blast Fusion and its new routing technology on one of our most complex designs that the previous router had difficulty with, due to our challenging die size and metal layer requirements,” said John Fallin, general manager, Design Solutions Center, NEC Electronics America. “Blast Fusion completed the routing quickly and delivered DRC-clean designs in a single pass. The new router also delivered better results in via count and wire length . We plan to use this new router on future nanometer designs.”

“Routing at 130nm and below poses new challenges in manufacturability as well as timing and signal integrity closure. At the same time, design gate counts are increasing making runtime a big concern,” said Premal Buch, general manager of Magma’s Design Implementation Business Unit. “We’ve invested a significant amount of resources to develop this next-generation router because it is a critical piece of a single-pass flow. NEC Electronics America’s ability to verify its capabilities further strengthens Magma’s position as a technology leader in IC implementation technology for 90nm and below."

Magma’s Third-Generation Routing Technology
Version 4.2 of Blast Fusion includes the following advanced routing capabilities:

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