Tundra Introduces Tsi500 High-Performance RapidIO Switch

11/29/2004 - Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, announced volume availability of the Tundra Tsi500, a high-performance, cost-effective switch fabric for the wireless, networking and storage markets. The industry's first switch supporting the RapidIO interconnect standard, the Tsi500 incorporates patent-pending technology that allows customers to realize higher throughput while reducing power and overall system cost.

"Volume availability of the Tsi500 is a key milestone for Tundra's RapidIO System Interconnect family of products," said Jim Roche, President and CEO of Tundra. "Our commitment to customers is to develop off-the-shelf RapidIO System Interconnect products that deliver high performance and high reliability at low cost and low power."

"Tundra continues to demonstrate that it is the world leader in RapidIO System Interconnect technology," said Iain Scott, Executive Director, RapidIO Trade Association. "The Company has invested in RapidIO technology since the standard was first introduced in 2000, and is one of the founding members of the RapidIO Trade Association. Today Tundra celebrates a tremendous achievement as the first to deliver RapidIO System Interconnect to the market."

The Tsi500 has been designed into several development platforms that are being used by large wireless OEMs in North America and Europe as they develop their next-generation communications infrastructures. These platforms include Mercury Computer's Ensemble platform, a RapidIO Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) development system; the RapidIO HIP (Hardware Interoperability Platform) manufactured by Silicon Turnkey Express; and Freescale Semiconductor's Torridon II Platform.

"RapidIO switches are the foundation for high-performance systems," said Mark Skalabrin, Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions of Mercury Computer Systems. "Data and control traffic flow in future embedded designs will be heavily influenced by the switch architectures in these systems. We look forward to working with Tundra as they continue to roll out their RapidIO System Interconnect portfolio."

Companies developing real-time operating systems (RTOS) for embedded technology such as QNX Software Systems and Wind River Systems, Inc., have designed software to support the device.

The Tsi500 is also a building block for next-generation wireless communications infrastructure on a global basis. For example, IPWireless Inc., a mobile broadband technology provider and Tundra customer, is using the Tsi500 to provide a solution within their latest generation of base station products. IPWireless has licensed its technology to one of its partners, a leading wireless base station vendor.

"The Tsi500 chipset was used to implement a high-speed interface between the digital cards in our 3G TD-CDMA Node B Base stations," said Roger Nichol, VP Technology, IPWireless, Inc. "We are pleased with its performance and will continue to work with Tundra's RapidIO System Interconnect products."

The Tsi500 is the industry's only Multiport RapidIO Switch, delivering a point-to-point, packet-switched interconnect protocol to meet the needs of current and future embedded applications.

The architecture of the Tsi500 maximizes throughput for RapidIO applications. It has a number of features that optimize overall board performance. Features of the device include:

The Tundra Tsi500 Multiport RapidIO Switch is available through Tundra's worldwide distribution network. Documentation, including ordering information, user manuals, reference schematics and software drivers, is available at www.tundra.com.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation designs, develops, and markets standards-based System Interconnect for use by the world's leading communications and storage system companies. Tundra supports RapidIO, VME, PCI/X standards. Tundra System Interconnect is a vital communications technology that enables customers to connect critical system components while compressing development cycles and maximizing performance. Applications include wireless infrastructure, storage networking, network access, military applications, and industrial automation. Tundra headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Company also has a design center in South Portland, Maine, as well as sales offices in the U.K., across the U.S. and in Asia. Tundra sells its products worldwide through a network of direct sales personnel, independent distributors and manufacturers' representatives. Tundra employs about 200 employees worldwide.

TUNDRA is a registered trademark of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (Canada, U.S. and U.K.). TUNDRA, Tsi500, the Tundra logo, and Design. Connect. Go. are trademarks of Tundra Semiconductor Corporation.

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