FairCom Rolls Latest Release of c-tree Plus and c-tree Servers

11/29/2004 - FairCom Corporation, a leading provider of high performance database technology, announced the availability of new releases of their proven database development toolkit, the c-tree Plus SDK, in conjunction with new releases of their high performance database servers, the c-tree Server and c-treeSQL Server. This new technology offers developers enhanced performance, new server monitoring tools, a .NET assembly, and SQL support for additional platforms.

Performance enhancements are a major highlight of FairComís version 8 releases. FairCom engineers spent considerable time profiling and tuning the c-tree Servers, particularly in the area of transaction processing. Using real-world performance tests, FairCom applied significant enhancements which benefit transaction and SQL query throughput and overall server scalability. In one test, improvements of almost 400% were shown between the new and previous releases of the server.

New tools have also been added to help monitor server operations. A wealth of performance-oriented statistics can be captured at specified intervals or on demand with the server's new Performance Snapshot. Notes Craig Bailey, a Senior FairCom engineer, ďWith this performance monitoring utility, developers can gain valuable insights to assist in tuning the c-tree Server for their specific application. It can further assist with problem identification and resolution after deployment.Ē

FairCom also introduced support for the Microsoft.NET Framework in the form of a new .NET assembly for c-tree Plus. This gives application developers working in a .NET environment a simple interface into the proven core of c-tree Plus. It integrates with VB, .NET, C#, J#, and other .NET languages.

With this new release, FairComís c-treeSQL Server now supports a number of additional operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX in addition to the support for Windows introduced in the last release. This c-treeSQL Server provides a high performance SQL interface into the proven core of the c-tree Server. Tailored for high volume production environments, the c-treeSQL Server includes optimizations such as sophisticated query rewrite techniques to improve nested query performance and join-order optimization to improve performance of queries joining many tables.

Numerous additional features are also included in this release, and additional details can be found at FairComís Web site www.faircom.com.

About FairCom
FairCom created Access Manager for Digital Research in 1979 and released its first true application development tool, the original c-tree file handler, that same year. Today c-tree Plus is running in over 100 CPU/OS environments in more than 100 countries worldwide. FairCom technology is embedded in the software utilized by Federal Express, Computer Associates and Sharp Corporation. For more information, contact FairCom Corporation in the US at 573.445.6833; in Europe at +39.035.721.321; in Japan at +; in Brazil at +55.11.3872.9802; or see www.faircom.com.

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