Raymark, TimeSpring Provide Retailers with Real-Time, Offline Database

11/23/2004 - TimeSpring Software Corp. and Raymark Xpert Business Systems, Inc. (Raymark) – announced a resale agreement. Under the agreement, Raymark will combine TimeSpring’s TimeDataTM software with their proprietary XEISTM multidimensional reporting application to provide major retailers with a real-time, offline database for analysis, reporting and testing. The combined system offers retailers the ability to analyze and report data in real-time without slowing down production or transaction processing.

Raymark’s XEIS enables retailers to extract and view crucial information gathered in their retail management solutions. Features include a report layout viewer with a dynamic and easy to use interface, message center, report designer and scheduling and email capabilities for distributing information to specified users or user groups. Based on the .NET framework and being a truly scalable offering, XEIS is web-based and offers a streamlined deployment process.

"Today's retailers depend on real-time electronic transactions for revenue recognition, daily operations and their overall competitive advantage," said Claude Chriqui, President and CEO of Raymark. "To make the best possible decisions retailers need to access their data without disrupting ongoing client transactions at the store level. The TimeData-XEIS system offers just this, real-time information for reporting and an important edge in a very competitive marketplace."

TimeSpring's TimeData software automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time. The resulting time-dimensioned data repository can be used for analysis, reporting and testing, allowing organizations to improve decision-making without impacting live operations. The TimeData software also provides continuous data protection for the application server so organizations to recover from data loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes.

TimeSpring's TimeData software represents a major improvement over replication, snapshot and traditional backup systems. The software is easy to use, non-disruptive and affordable. It operates continuously, without operator intervention or scheduling.

"The people at Raymark are retail industry experts with extensive technology expertise and some notable customers around the world," said Janae Lee, CEO of TimeSpring. "We are delighted they chose our TimeData software to provide non-disruptive real-time information."

About TimeSpring Software Corporation
Capitalizing on its technology patents, TimeSpring's software is setting a new standard for continuous data protection and availability. TimeSpring's software, TimeDataTM, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. Additionally, TimeData makes it easy to analyze report and test using real data at any time, without impacting operations. TimeData is easier to implement, easier to use and more affordable than other systems. Founded in 1994, TimeSpring has business offices in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Newport Beach, California, USA. More information is available at http://www.timespring.com or by calling (408) 834-8966.

About Raymark
Raymark is a leading provider of feature-rich, cost effective and flexible enterprise applications for retailers using the best tools available in development technology. Whether deployed in a centralized environment or a wireless handheld device, Raymark's end-to-end retail solutions help to streamline operations and optimize profitability. Headquartered in Montreal with offices in Paris and Shanghai, Raymark offers proven applications and experience in the areas of implementation, training and customer support. Prestigious global retailers around the world use Raymark's technology. Visit Raymark on the Web at http://www.raymark.com.

TimeData is a trademark of TimeSpring Software Corporation.

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