Prim'Time Selects FRAM Memory for Innovative Communicating ID Watch

11/23/2004 - Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR), the leading developer of non-volatile FRAM memory products, announced that Prim'Time Technology - a French Company - has selected the company's FM24CL16 ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) for use in its e-Prim'Time communicating wristwatch for children, which it will soon start marketing worldwide in time for Christmas.

Instead of numbers, the clockface of the e-Prim'Time communicating wristwatch displays animations representing activities appropriate to the time of day enabling very young children keep track of time until they are old enough to read numbers. The wristwatch can be set to either school or holiday mode. An electronic identity card for the child can also be downloaded to the watch from any Bluetooth enabled communications device such as a PC, PDA or mobile phone.

Prim'Time Technology has chosen Ramtron's FM24CL16 for its ultra low-power consumption capability and small footprint. In the application, FRAM stores personal parameters which have to be preserved even when power is lost - a inherent feature of all FRAM devices.

"The ultra low power consumption and high reliability of FRAM directly support Prim'Time Technology's requirements of securing vital parameters with virtually no power consumption from the 3V Lithium Battery " said Bruno Graff, CEO and co-founder for Prim'Time Technology. He added: "The writing speed of FRAM helps conserve energy especially when the Bluetooth connection is activated."

Mike Alwais, Ramtron vice president of FRAM Products said: "Our design win with Prim'Time Technology illustrates the growing trend of FRAM's unique ability to serve the growing hand held electronic equipment market where ultra low power consumption is vital."

About FM24CL16
Ramtron's FM24 family offers single-byte writes that are 280 times faster than those of EEPROM. In addition, it offers no timing delays and can be written at standard bus speeds versus EEPROM, which requires a 10ms write delay before new data can be registered. The 3V device features an unlimited number of write cycles, compared to 1 million write cycles for EEPROM, and has an extremely low standby and operating current, which is over 50 times faster than competing parts.

About Prim'Time Technology
Prim'Time Technology is an independent company located in La Rochelle, France. Prim'Time Technology is active in temporal concept developments for early childhood and specialises in perfecting consumer devices that are educational and playful. Prim'Time Technology has developed its projects in co-operation with the French Ministry of Education and has an R&D partnership agreement (co-depositor of an international patent) with France Telecom and is involved with Boston MIT Medialab in the development of an "interactive toys" project. For more information visit

About Ramtron
Ramtron International Corporation (NASDAQ: RMTR) is the leading supplier of non-volatile ferroelectric semiconductors including serial and parallel ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) devices and Processor Companion devices that integrate a variety of commonly needed discrete analog and mixed-signal functions for processor-based systems. Ramtron's patented FRAM technology allows devices to perform the functions of both RAM and non-volatile memory in a single chip. Its unique benefits are revolutionising memory-based designs in a variety of automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial control, medical and metering applications. Additionally, Ramtron works with various leading edge licensee and manufacturers to bring its technology to market. For more information visit

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