I-Logix Enables UML 2.0 Compliance with Rhapsody DoDAF Solution

11/22/2004 - Embedded systems and software solutions provider I-Logix announced a new capability added to their flagship UML 2.0 based Model-Driven Development (MDD) product Rhapsody to address the needs of users required to meet the Department of Defense’s Architecture Framework (DoDAF) guidelines. DoDAF defines a common approach for describing Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise architectures allowing architecture descriptions to be compared and related across organizational boundaries, including Joint and multinational boundaries. In addition to the new Rhapsody DoDAF Pack, I-Logix also offers Harmony Systems and Software development process, which enables Systems Architects and Systems engineers to ensure that the DoDAF architecture is consistent with the overall design.

Rhapsody DoDAF Pack fills a gap in DoDAF by providing an industry standard notation to model the architecture leading to improved communication between the contractor and the supplier. Rhapsody’s capability to check the models integrity allows users to create consistent DoDAF compliant architecture descriptions across the Operational, Systems and Technical views. Rhapsody’s unique simulation capability enables validation of the architecture model while measuring its effectiveness against mission scenarios. From the system architect through the software engineer, Rhapsody DoDAF Pack provides an unprecedented level of visibility throughout the design process. The Rhapsody DoDAF Pack offers automatic generation of fourteen architecture products including all of the integrated architecture products (AV-1, AV-2, OV-2, OV-3, OV-5, SV-1 and TV-1).

"We have learned from our customers that DoDAF guidelines stipulate what information is needed to be produced but not how it should be represented. This has led to a growing need for a standard notation to represent the DoDAF products. Our customers need to ensure that the architecture products remain consistent with the overall design throughout its lifecycle. The Rhapsody DoDAF solution fulfills this growing need," said Neeraj Chandra I-Logix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. "With our leadership in the Mil/Aero market we have realized that our customers not only need a product but also a process to help them deploy a complete solution across the organization. Our Harmony process provides a path for Systems Architects, Systems Engineers and Software Developers to ensure design consistency by enhancing communication with one another using Model-Driven Development."

"We are very pleased that I-Logix has capitalized on the natural synergy between the UML 2.0 finalized specification and Department of Defense Architecture Framework products," said Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group. "Through leveraging the new concepts including composite structure diagrams, interfaces and ports provided by UML 2.0, architects now have a standard notation for describing DoDAF products ensuring true architecture comparison and communication."

Harmony is an integrated Systems and Software development process compliant with UML 2.0 and the current draft of SySML. In the Harmony process Systems Architects and Engineers work together to design, validate and refine the architecture model ensuring that the architecture products are consistent with the overall design. In addition Harmony addresses the "great semantic divide" between systems and software engineering, typically a common source of error because they use different languages, tools, and representations. Harmony improves workflow, increases quality, reduces development time, and enables model based contracting. Harmony is delivered through the I-Logix professional services group as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with other services.

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