Vitesse Enhances Asynchronous Crosspoint Switches with 4.25 Gbps Port

11/17/2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) continues to drive innovation by introducing a 4.25 Gbps per port speed enhancement to its existing asynchronous crosspoint switches. By moving data at this faster rate, the VSC3138, VSC3139, and VSC3140 crosspoints provide the bandwidth necessary to support emerging standards such as 4G Fibre Channel for backplane applications including SAN, packet switching fabrics, DWDM switches, and Metro transport.

Essential to the effective deployment of 4G Fibre Channel is the ease of equipment migration for OEMs. The speed-enhanced crosspoint switches are pin- and software-compatible, drop-in replacements for existing 3.6 Gbps switches, and feature the same power consumption. This means that there is no need for board redesign.

“Vitesse has clearly understood our needs by enabling us to satisfy our customers without having to delay deployment with a time-consuming and costly redesign,” said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON, Inc., the leader in physical layer switching and automation solutions. “By focusing on market trends and our customers, Vitesse continues to prove itself as an industry leading supplier of crosspoint switches.”

Performance enhancements in the areas of storage and processing, along with evolving architectures like client/server, continue to propagate more data-intensive, high-speed networking applications. Interconnect technology like 4G Fibre Channel provides the higher levels of performance, speed, and signal integrity necessary to allow evolving concurrent communications among workstations, mainframes, servers, and data storage systems.

Vitesse’s 4th generation crosspoint switches are part of the most comprehensive product offering in the industry and serve as the backbone for building storage networking, cluster computing, and network interconnects to meet the current and future IT needs of organizations around the world.

The new devices are tailored for high-speed serial signals used in serial copper interconnect applications such as multi-connector backplanes and box-to-box interconnects. Their asynchronous design allows protocol-transparent operation without the need for an external reference clock. The signal path is unregistered and fully asynchronous, so there are no restrictions on the phase, frequency, or signal pattern of any input. The crosspoint devices also feature Vitesse’s industry recognized equalization technology for enhancing signal integrity and boosting overall system performance.

“This is effectively a free upgrade for our customers,” says Juan Garza, product marketing manager for Circuit Switch Products at Vitesse. “Simply by using these enhanced switches, OEMs can meet the needs of the growing 4G Fibre Channel market without having to make a single change to their existing designs. This again demonstrates Vitesse leadership and customer commitment in Circuit Switch Technology.”

Vitesse will be shipping 4.25 Gbps devices to all of its customers who use 3.6 Gbps devices today. While the enhanced devices can operate at 3.6 Gbps, applications running at 4.25 Gbps will experience overall improved performance. This is because the 18% increase in throughput allows control commands, proprietary signaling, and data to pass through the fabric with lower latency and reduced port contention.

With the concurrent launch of its Circuit Switch Technology Center (, Vitesse has supplemented the scope of its world-class technical support with the most comprehensive online technical resource for design engineers developing circuit switch applications, including detailed tutorials, technical whitepapers, and product briefs.

Availability and Pricing
Now sampling, volume pricing for the 40x40 VSC3138 and 72x72 VSC3139 is $500 USD and $650 USD, respectively. Both devices come in a 613-pin, FCPBGA package. In volume, the 144x144 VSC3140 costs $1500 USD and comes in a 1072-pin, TBGA package. All three crosspoints will be in volume production in the first quarter of 2005.

About Vitesse Circuit Switching Technology
Since the introduction of its first circuit switch product nearly 10 years ago, Vitesse has led development of high-speed serial interconnects to create the most diverse offering of robust and reliable products in the industry. With its unsurpassed equalization technology and proven signal integrity experience, Vitesse continues to advance state-of-art technology and enable its customers to commercialize leading edge products. As the world leader in circuit switch products, Vitesse components are used in a wide array of products from industry-leading OEMs.

About Vitesse
Vitesse designs, develops, and markets a diverse portfolio of high-performance, cost-competitive semiconductor solutions for communications and storage networks worldwide. Engineering excellence and dedicated customer service distinguish Vitesse as an industry leader in Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Ethernet-over-SONET, Advanced Switching, Fibre Channel, Serial Attached SCSI, Optical Transport, and other applications. Vitesse innovation empowers customers to deliver superior products for Enterprise, Access, Metro, and Core applications. Additional company and product information is available at

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