OSE RTOS to Support Freescale i.MX21 Applications Processor

11/17/2004 - Enea Embedded Technology announced OSE operating system support for the i.MX21 multimedia applications processor from Freescale Semiconductor. The combination provides a hard real-time operating system with small footprint and specific attributes for mobile phones in conjunction with the high-performance processing offered by i.MX21 – all of which has been optimized for minimal power consumption in wireless devices. Enea also offers consulting and engineering services to Freescale’s i.MX customers.

The i.MX21 multimedia applications processor is the latest member of Freescale’s i.MX family of applications processors for use in smart phones, wireless PDAs, portable media centers, mobile entertainment and many other wireless applications. Based on the ARM926EJ-STM core technology, it enables robust multimedia applications with greater video and graphics capabilities, advanced power management and plug-and-play connectivity.

OSE for i.MX21 is a compact, modular and highly configurable multi-CPU real-time operating system (RTOS) that enables mobile phone manufacturers to build stable standard phones and feature phones with advanced applications – such as radio, music, streaming multimedia, Internet access and multiple communication types – at an attractive overall cost. It offers graphic support with a certified Java (J2ME) runtime environment with IDE, as well as support for common wireless technologies, such as mophunTM mobile gaming, TrigenixTM customizable user interfaces, and Hantro video codecs. OSE networking support includes a complete networking solution with a dual-mode IPv4 / IPv6 TCP/IP stack, Mobile IP, security protocols and various networking utilities.

OSE not only fully supports the i.MX21 multimedia applications processor's power-saving attributes, it also emphasizes them by adding intelligent software power management. This makes it possible to develop extremely small wireless devices with minimal power usage. Whenever reasonable, OSE power management reduces the amount of power consumed by applications and initiates a power-saving mode for devices that are not currently in use. It also enables system designers to run CPUs and DSPs at the lowest possible frequency.

OSE ensures robust, reliable service by offering built-in protection mechanisms, real-time performance, error detection and supervision of software processes. OSE for i.MX21 also offers advanced program management that makes it possible to safely download dynamic software updates into a device to upgrade applications at any time during the product lifecycle. Execute-in-place support (XiP) is possible for all memory types, including flash. OSE provides full memory protection for dynamically loaded programs and reclaims memory without fragmentation when it unloads programs. OSE’s comprehensive memory management with virtual memory and MMU support, memory saving capabilities and advanced flash support makes it possible to build highly reliable systems that cut costs and save power by conserving memory consumption.

OSE is a multi-core operating system that offers true real-time capabilities as well as advanced and stable support for both ARM and digital signal processors (DSPs). This RTOS utilizes transparent process communication that ensures efficiency and flexibility when designing handsets with numerous processors of various architectures. Since the OS API remains the same regardless of the underlying architecture, applications can be written for, and executed transparently in, heterogeneous systems. Consequently, OSE can be used both in the baseband and on the applications processor, which eliminates the need for a second operating system in cell phones.

OSE for i.MX21 fully supports the i.MX21 architecture, including Ethernet and serial interfaces, the real-time clock and general-purpose timers, LCDC, MMC/SD (Multimedia Card/Secure Digital Host module), and AUDMUX (Digital Audio Mux). The OSE solution also includes specific drivers and the OSE Software Board Reference System, a full-featured, out-of-the-box example of an OSE implementation. OSE for i.MX21 is available immediately from Enea Embedded Technology. Enea also offers services to assist Freescale’s mobile platform customers by providing customized solutions and consulting services in software architectures.

OSE is a registered trademark of Enea Embedded Technology.

About Enea Embedded Technology
Enea Embedded Technology is a leading provider of real-time operating systems, development tools and services for fault-tolerant, high-availability and safety-critical applications. Enea Embedded Technology owns and markets the OSE real-time operating system. OSE is used in millions of products worldwide, including distributed communication systems such as communication infrastructure or mobile phones, avionics, medical, automotive and industrial control systems. Enea Embedded Technology is a subsidiary of Enea AB (SAXESS: ENEA), based in Stockholm, Sweden. Employing about 600 people worldwide, Enea provides products, services, and training for a variety of real-time embedded, IT and e-business applications. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Nokia, Boeing, Motorola, Alcatel, Volvo, TI, Agere Systems, Fujitsu and Hospira. Internet: www.ose.com

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