Neutron's Stellar Completes Commetrex's T.38 Interoperability Testing

11/17/2004 - Neutron Systems has completed T.38 interoperability testing on Neutron’s Stellar Product Line of Intelligent VoIP ADSL Broadband Gateways and Access Devices in Commetrex’ T.38 Interoperability Lab. The results of the 16-point test are posted on Commetrex’ T.38 Interoperability Lab web site. The Stellar Product Line was found to be interoperable based on the Lab’s established criteria.

William Lee, Neutron Systems CEO, explains: " We are pleased to add T.38 Fax Over IP to our existing PSTN G.711 fax support. T.38 is the right approach to faxing in an Internet environment and our new release is fully compatible with Neutron’s H.323, SIP, and MGCP VoIP products. Commetrex was the market leader and obvious choice for us to work with to deliver T.38 capability in our product line. With the release of T.38 on the Neutron Gateway Platform we introduce a new level of price/performance that has not been seen before."

"Neutron's interoperability testing went very smoothly," says Mike Wells, the Lab's lead engineer."Commetrex opened the T.38 Interoperability Lab in January of 2002 and has offered testing to any and all equipment developers with fielded gateways interested in achieving industry-wide interoperability of T.38-capable network equipment."

Testing is done entirely over the public Internet, eliminating the need for on-site testing. Commetrex’ TerminatingT38TM is used to send faxes through the participant's gateway. Trace and debugging logs are frequently run with continual analysis by a senior engineer until all faxes sent are clean and differences in T.38 implementation completely understood. Testing engineers analyze sessions and timing, noting any interoperability problems or other potential problems that might be in violation of basic ITU T.38 standards.

Commetrex Corporation
Commetrex Corporation develops and markets enabling technologies designed to shorten the time to market and reduce the development of integrated-media telecommunications equipment. Long known for its market-leading fax and other licensed technologies, Commetrex has recently completed a multi-year development effort to offer the equipment developer middleware software products and a media-stream framework, plus a comprehensive line of PCI and CompactPCI DSP-resource and network-interface boards.

Neutron Systems Corporation
Founded in 2003 as a Philips-Ishoni spin out with over six years of development and $100M+ investment, Neutron Systems is dedicated to developing and marketing highly integrated VoIP Gateway and TDM voice systems to the SOHO and to the Enterprise. Neutron places particular emphasis on the seamless integration of both VoIP and TDM voice. Neutron’s technology, from its high-performance silicon and system solutions to its comprehensive customer-validated software, consistently outperforms the competition. Neutron’s integrated wire-speed security provides enterprise-class firewall and VPN for exceptional security in fax, VoIP, and data communications.

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