NMS' Open Access Enables Primal Service Node VoIP Media Server Platform

11/15/2004 - NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS) announced that it will provide Primal Technologies with building blocks for its Primal Service Node (PSN), a VoIP media server platform designed to deliver advanced voice and data services, including unified communications, voice mail, and prepaid calling cards. The PSN platform, based on NMS' Open Access product framework, will help operators of IP-based networks maximize revenue by enabling billable next generation IP applications on their new networks at greatly reduced cost.

Primal Technologies will be using NMS' Open Access building blocks to provide IP media server functionality and SS7 protocol for a variety of applications providing end-user convenience. For media server applications, the end user interface, Primal Messenger, runs on the user's desktop and is connected to the PSN, a centralized service node that interconnects with the PSTN and Internet simultaneously, via an IP connection, and works on the desktop in conjunction with the IP phone. Subscribers have access to their traditional basic telephony features via an IP telephone, and service providers can differentiate themselves by offering more advanced features. By providing a familiar interface for end users wanting to use supported applications, Primal's PSN allows customers to use both applications with which they are already familiar, plus exciting new ones, in a seamless fashion.

"Because IP service providers are deploying VoIP network elements with increasing speed, it's important that the migration from circuit-switched to IP-based networks be as invisible as possible to the end user," said Michael Conway, Vice President, Primal Technologies. "Our ongoing partnership with NMS will help ensure this, and that our customers' infrastructure investment today will easily adapt and scale over the next five years, regardless of the pace of change."

"We are delighted that Primal has chosen to continue the relationship we have been building since 2000, when they first selected NMS products for their servers," said Colin Doherty, NMS' senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "We look forward to continuing to help Primal Technologies serve its IP service provider customers with the most state-of-the-art technologies available as they scale and grow their networks."

About Primal Technologies Inc.
Primal Technologies Inc. (www.primaltech.com) is focused on making advanced services possible and profitable for wireless and wireline carriers. The Company is a developer of telecom applications with customers in North America and Europe including Unite Communications, Lucent, MTS, Bearing Point, Hondutel, Farmers Cellular, Telus, Ramcell, AT&T, Chariton Valley and Worldcom. The Primal Service Node (PSN) is a telecom grade platform that interconnects SS7 and IP networks to provide a powerful variety of applications. PSN ranges from 1 to 96 T1-E1s and supports numerous applications simultaneously. Applications on the Primal Service Node include: Prepaid, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, SMS, MMS, and VoIP. All applications are controlled, managed, and monitored utilizing user-friendly desktop software, Primal Skylight. Visit http://www.primaltech.com for more information.

About NMS Communications
NMS Communications (NASDAQ: NMSS) is a leading provider of communications technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure. NMS develops products that enable new mobile voice, data and video applications and improve the performance and quality of wireless networks, helping our customers grow their revenues and profits. Visit www.nmscommunications.com for more information.

NMS Communications and Open Access are trademarks of NMS Communications Corporation.

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