ITS Networks Rolls Out Improved GoTel Service in Spain

11/12/2004 - ITS Networks, Inc. (OTCBB: ITST) announced that it will start marketing its improved GoTel service to the mobile community in Spain.

ITS Networks, Inc., announced that it has made improvements to the GoTel service such that mobile users can now call internationally with additional savings and quality than before. Today, there are only three mobile operators in Spain. These three share 100% of the mobile market which is estimated at approximately 32 million phones. This is very significant given that the population of Spain is approximately 40 million.

Mobile users today dial internationally through their mobile operator and pay the corresponding rate. Teleconnect, ITS Networks' wholly-owned company in Spain, is now in a position to offer a very competitive alternative to all those mobile users wishing to call internationally. The mobile user would dial a local number from his cell phone and then at the tone, dial the international destination. In this way, the expensive portion of the call is routed through Teleconnect's switches at fixed-line prices and these savings passed onto the customers. Depending on the called destination, savings can range from 20% to 85% compared to regular mobile long distance calling.

ITS Vice President and Teleconnect CEO, Herman de Haas, states, "Our platform controls the amount of credit used of any customer and recharges when necessary to a credit card provided by the user. The user does not need to dial a PIN-code (as with a prepaid calling card since our prepaid platform now recognizes the caller's line identification (his unique mobile number) This is more convenient than using a prepaid calling card. This service was already available on our prepaid calling cards, but with the inconvenience of having to dial the PIN-code. With the GoTel-service you don't have to dial the PIN-code anymore. Our customers are also given a user id such that they can access the state of their account in real time through the internet an see how much that last call cost them."

"The high quality of our voice connections and the savings we provide are what most impress our customers. We can expect to see an increase in the revenues generated by this service as a result our planned marketing. To date, word of mouth has been the source of the growth of this new service."

ITS President, Gustavo Gomez, continues, "At ITS Networks we believe in adapting the latest of technologies to solving the communications problems of our customers. We are in a highly competitive market where innovation is fundamental to protecting margins. We will continue the focus to differentiate ourselves in product offerings and customer care. Our final objective is a profitable return on rapidly growing operations to create shareholder value."

About ITS Networks
ITS Networks, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Teleconnect Comunicaciones S.A., a Spanish telecommunications company, is a major player in the prepaid telecoms industry in Spain. ITS Networks, Inc. is traded on a U.S. stock exchange, the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). ITS Networks provides commercial and residential users in Spain with a very competitive array of prepaid services.

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